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Diane C. Setauket, New York
I used to avoid gymnastics in gym class and now I stand on my head every day! I'm a passionate... More
Meg F. Washington, District of Columbia
I'm a public school teacher who indulged a little too much on my summer vacation. I've spent the... More
Naj California
<a href=""> candy buffets </a> ... More
Hal R. San Francisco, California
Functional Sports Medicine To Help You Achieve More Than You Ever Thought... More

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This could be an acquired habit or s symptom of illness. He should be seen by a doctor to determine any possible underlying cause.
If you are asking whether you should get something checked, then you should. You won't regret it. As for what this might be anything from muscle spasm to something strange. See a doctor. It could be any number of things from
These sound like tremors and I recommend you have her checked out by your veterinarian. While your memory is fresh, jot down notes regarding what she was doing and does before and after these episodes, how long they last, and
twitch twitch twitch by Tara Robertson Patient ExpertFacebook to do that again. SO I left the school and headed to the ER to see if the doctor who saw my kids on monday would fill... my arm, Owen throwing his socks at my head, Aiden crawling under his chair and chanting weird things...
Maniacal Rage. Happy Birthday, Arm Head Jerk Pain. by Helge V. K. Patient Expert Helge: I continue my journey to the landscape of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in various countries and what kind of professions are vulnerable. Maniacal Rage. Happy Birthday, Arm Head Jerk Pain.: "I turned 24...
Eye Twitching by Dr. Daniel Kalish Doctor of Chiropracty I have a complex client who has had an eye twitch for a long time. We have tried nutrition, e... for estrogen. So if one is estrogen dominant, besides the common things, you can also see muscle twitching...
Eye twitching on loud sounds? by Katie-Louise B. Patient Expert Ever since i've had my 9 months tuning; I have experience a few twitching in my eye. problems... it up, I was just happy on where the volume was set. As I went to university the next day, I had no my eye would twitch...
Twitching by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven Today I have been having a lot of twitching in mt left ankle.  Haven't had anything like that in a long time, nothing below the shoulder as far as twitching is concerned.  My left side...
Me and AJ another photoshoot, How to fix eye twitches using rubber hairbands, and inventory! by Strapples Patient Expert . I was having for like several nights to a week this weird problem with my left eyelid twitching so I decided to take a rubber hairband... but left a temporary mark from how tight it was. I also like sucking on them and rubbing them on my head...

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Symptoms ... ements, including sticking out the tongue, head twitches or head jerks, squatting and ... » Read on
Symptoms ... tics (known as motor tics), such as facial twitches, blinking, head and foot movements and mouth movements, and vocal tics ... » Read on