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Head Dizziness

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thank you very much and your right I should see a doctor I do have a history of low blood pressure but only when I'm pregnent. It could be any number of things, Susan, but I suspect your resting blood pressure may be low.
I agree with the previous poster. If there is even a chance of etopic you want to make 100% sure because so many things can go wrong with that so quickly- and what you've said could be significant. Yes - You need to go back
Cawthorne's Head Exercises for Dizziness by Neil Kao Medical Doctor Here's my answer.  This is a great table from an article by Scott Sicherer.  This is used with permission from the AAAAI and JACI.  The citation is "Sicherer SH. Clinical implications of cross-reactive food allergens.
Heavy Metal Head-banging Can Cause Head And Neck Injuries by k Patient Expert can cause headaches and dizziness if the range of movement of the head and neck is greater than 75... A recent study by the University Of New South Wales suggests that “Head Banging” to heavy metal...
I am not sure what you mean by gas "emitting" form  here eyes.  If this is something you and she can see - you really need to alert her personal physician about this. Dizziness can come from a number...
seen a doctor about them.  Dizziness, lightheadedness, and fatigue can have many different causes... of all symptoms with hours of exertion.   For more information on CFS, see   Dizziness...
.  If you notice dizziness, sweating & fatigue while your oxygen level goes up & down, it's best to seek medical... irregular heartrate which could then explain the dizziness, sweating & fatigue.  So don't ignore it.  Go see...
Dizzy by derrick m. Healthy Living Professional Dizzy, I’m so dizzy my head is spinning  / Like a whirlpool it never ends And it’s You girl makin’ it spin / You’re making me dizzy – tommy roe Feeling a bit dizzy? It’s OK. Here’s...
It could be a response to trauma such as a blow to the head on that side or... their heads if awakened suddenly while others may run into things when they get wound up playing or chasing...
Unexplained dizziness If so i suggest you go to the nearest ER asap, Sarah. DO NOT drive yourself. Call...

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