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Midrash E. Maplewood, New Jersey
Gym enthusiast.
Freedom Trainer Toronto, CA
I am a self employed personal trainer. I train mainly women in their homes. I have been working... More
acceptmeasiam Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I was inspired to create a social network called ACCEPT ME AS I AM because of my very own story of... More
Kim Botdorf California
I am very honored to be asked to link my blog here... its nothing special really, just some random... More
screwnicolas California
I am Screw Nicolas - A nutrition specialist. I also act as a fitness instructor at my own gym.

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Gym membership by Healthy and Bella Patient Expert I was going to get the membership for the just fitness gym which was €16.90 / month but for the extra €3...There are two new gyms that belong to a chain opening here, one in August and one in September...
I-FAST #1 - Open Gym Memberships by Mike R. Healthy Living Professional discuss open gym memberships at the facility. When you join your "typical" commerical facility, a few..., whether you want to believe it or not. Our open gym membership will be vastly different...
I-FAST #1 - Open Gym Memberships by Mike R. Healthy Living Professional open gym memberships at the facility. When you join your "typical" commerical facility, a few things... at your gym is a walking billboard, whether you want to believe it or not. Our open gym membership...
Gym Memberships are NOT Green! by A. Brewster S. Patient Expert each year at this time flood area gyms or fitness centers to get rid of that tire! Memberships rise! People are determined! Resolutions have been made! They buy these memberships locking...
Is a Used Treadmill Better Than a Gym Membership? by Jeanine A. Patient Expert IF you actually use it.  There are only a few people going to a gym who are using more than a couple of pieces of equipment. For those people it’s best for them to keep paying that monthly gym membership because the [...]
Got Myself A New Gym Membership….and a surfboard by Jenna .. Healthy Living Professional this morning, I have quit the YMCA and will be taking over my brother’s membership at the fancy shmancy health... to just sit in the steam room but he loved it so much. Well, his membership has now been handed down...
My Gym and Hyland's Homeopathic Offering Five Free Memberships! by Kim S. Patient Expert to get much needed OT/PT services by giving away five (5) one-year memberships to a My Gym Children’s Fitness Center...
Weekly Video: Beware of the Expensive-Gym-Membership Effect. by Gretchen R. Patient Expert of the gym-membership effect – which is a familiar situation in which money does not buy you happiness. The gym-membership effect occurs when you pay money for something as a way to encourage...
South Korea to Give Kids Gym Memberships by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor No doubt, obesity is WHACKING the world. The United States is fat, China is fat and getting fatter, even poor countries, like Nigeria and Uganda, are obese and the British have even started printing bodyweight on children’
The Five Most Compelling Reasons to Use the Earth as Your Gym by Tera W. Patient Expert these important reasons to hang up the gym membership and get back outside: Using the natural environment... option. Gym and fitness facilities offer a variety of equipment along with personal trainers...

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Prevention ... clude press-ups, weight lifting, or using weight equipment at a gym. If you have recently joined a gym, or you have not been for ... » Read on
Risks ... cessive strain on your muscles and joints. If you exercise at a gym or fitness class, always check with your trainer that your t ... » Read on