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YourLifeYourChoice California
A number of years ago the girl of my dreams dumped me for a guy with a flash... More
EmilyJack California
I am jack,just today I joined this forum.  I'm a young guy, recently married who enjoys... More
KGuy Somewhere, Indiana
Maureen G. Nassau County, New York

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Men are Women's Problems Of Size and Semen OMG! (2) Masturbation – A Guy Thing?!? I CHEF - Seafood Curry by Anthony R. Patient Expert trouble, they see a GUY necologist and hope that it would not need a HIS terectomy.... Penis growth is most rapid during puberty and is completed at the end of the pubertal stage. The rate...
"All I wanted to do is make guys' ****** 3 inches longer, and I'm the bad guy?" by Pat S. Patient Expert whatever is left of the money. "All I wanted to do is make guys' penises 3 inches longer, and I'm the bad guy..., Assistant Attorney General Marc Knops shakes his head. He says court records clearly identify the bad guys... is GREEN - How Guy Kawasaki Guy-Vangelized a Naked Green Gal by Shawna C. Patient Expert It is true - this gardening nude gal has been "Guy-Vangelized." It all happened... what it really has to offer. What I discovered is shocking and amazing - is GREEN. That's right, Guy Kawasaki...
Don't Be That Guy! - 'Magazine Workout Guy' by Lance B. Patient Expert Don't be that Guy is dedicated to helping prevent common mistakes made at the gym... and most importantly ensure you won't be THAT GUY OR GIRL! Today's Guy: 'Magazine Workout' Guy...
TriGuy plays WhyGuy by TRIGUYJT Patient Expert to enjoy the journey with you guys...Thanks a bunch.!!! Life's a Blast!! ...
We Are All Keynesians Now. (Pause.) Right, guys? (Very Long Pause.) Guys? by Chelsea Green Patient Expert I guess you could call me a tax-and-spend liberal. I believe government has a huge and essential role to play in pulling our country out of the current recession. Government has a great capacity for social good, if we force i
Don't Be THAT Guy! - 'Gadget Guy' by Lance B. Patient Expert                                          #3 Kindle                                       You are going TOO SLOW and TOO LONG if you can actually read. 
Usain Bolt chart: How does the one guy not cheating have faster times than all the guys who are cheating? by Kevin L. Patient Expert Of the men with the 25 fastest 100-meter dash times in the world, 11 have been busted for steroids, including just recently, Tyson Gay, the American record-holder. Of this number, 5 of the Top 8 are known cheaters. What’s re
Precocious puberty means having the signs of puberty earlier than usual.  In boys, this can start before the age of 9.  Are you sure your son is going through early puberty?  Is he showing signs of puberty...
"Inappropriate Yoga Guy" by Stephanie B. There's a video on YouTube poking fun at guys who hit on girls in yoga class (though I thought... much about meeting singles, as I'm rapidly approaching 14 years of marriage. But as a guy considering taking yoga...

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Complications ... an result is a number of hormonal conditions, including delayed puberty and restricted growth. Hormone replacement therapy may b ... » Read on
Introduction What is puberty? Puberty is a term that is used to describe the time ... » Read on