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The best bet is to take your 22 mo old to your dentist or a pediatric dentist to find out what is going on that "hurt" his gums. In order to help your child an appropriate diagnosis must be made first
This question is accompanied by insufficient information to make any diagnosis.  You need to be seen by a dentist immediately to allow a trained professional who is qualified to make a determination as to the cause of your pr
You need to take your daughter to her pediatrician for evaluation and treatment.  Your description seems to indicate that this is generalized throughout her mouth--a tooth abscess would be confined to the localized area arou
Yes - she should see a doctor/dentist immediatly - a fairly common infection with fever/swolen gums that affects normaly healthy but streesed out college age kids could be something called ANUG...
Inflamed gums, heart disease linked by Invisalign topdentist of your dentist, for a new study has revealed a link between inflamed gums and heart disease. Scientists... have found that infected gums may be one place. Indeed, proper dental hygiene should reduce the risk of atherosclerosis...
NYU Dental Researchers Find Link Between Gum Inflammation and Alzheimer's disease by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert ? How many times? Did you know that gum disease can increase the risk of cognitive impairment? What is the condition of the gums and teeth of the person you know suffering from Alzheimer's disease? Narly...
Calculus Is the Beginning of Gum Disease. by Saundra G. Patient Expert (can hurt). 2. Scaling involves scraping tartar from above and below the gum line to remove the hard... Calculus Ain't Just a Math Term. In dentistry, calculus relates to gum disease and tooth loss...
Gum surgery for my daughter by Esa .. Patient Expert . The color of the tooth didn't quite match her other teeth, and it had a really fake looking gum at the top that sat on top of her actual gums, so you could see it when she smiled. She is a big smiler...
Flaxseed Oil Heals Bleeding Gums, Again by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy of flax oil daily about four days ago and now my gums are barely bleeding at all after I brush and floss. My gums were red, swollen and would bleed after I brushed and flossed and are now pink and healthy looking...

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