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Strep Throat (Group A Streptococci Infections) by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven who may recommend ways to avoid future strep infections. Incubation The incubation period for Group A strep throat is usually 2 to 7 days after exposure. Duration In Group A strep throat infections, fever...
Group B streptococcus (GBS) is a type of bacterial infection that can be found in a pregnant woman... during labor A urinary tract infection as a result of GBS during your pregnancy A previous baby with GBS...
Thoughts on Group B Strep by Kathryn H. Patient Expert about Group B Strep recently because a pregnant mom I know will soon be required to undergo testing... link that provides more information on Group B Strep:
Part I: GBS (Group Beta Strep) by Kathryn H. Patient Expert , course of action!).  The recent Midwifery Today article by Judy Slome Cohain, CNM "Newborn Group B Strep... with group B streptococci. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2006 Oct;25(10):884-8. 14.  McKeever TM , Lewis SA...
Group B Strep – Why should I care? by Sheridan Ripley Patient Expert Why do you need to know about Group B Strep? Group B Strep is something most expectant moms don..., with less risk to mom and baby, they don’t really seem to care. I have gathered a group of links to help...
Natural Cure For Strep Throat by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine ) is a form of group A streptococcal infection that affects the pharynx and possibly the larynx and tonsils... Strep throat often affects children and teenagers but adults may also get the disease...
An Alternate Explanation For Strep Throat & Rheumatic Fever by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor , we only need to treat a particular strain of strep called Group A beta-hemolytic Strep (GABHS), which produces... occurs in children, and usually presents about 2-3 weeks after a strep infection. Children will naturally...
Strep Stinking Throat by Stephanie C. Patient Expert me that if I didn't have tonsils I'd get more upper respiratory infections. So? I'd trade that for strep... The first time I had strep throat I was a freshman in high school. I thought I was going to die...
Gen-Probe Inc., AccuProbe Group B Streptococcus Culture Identification Test, AccuProbe Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex Cultur by FDA is primarily used to screen pregnant women for bacteria called group B streptococcus (group B strep).  Group B strep causes....  Pregnant women who test positive for group B strep at 35 to 37 weeks and who are carriers (as identified...
Tics and Toxins: Evidence Points to Environment, Infection in LeRoy Outbreak by Kim S. Patient Expert ) for PANDAS – an autoimmune neurological reaction to strep infection. But it is downplaying the idea... who found evidence of strep infection in most of the girls – to push for continued attention to physical causes...

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Introduction ... nd streptococcus B. Most infections caused by group A streptococcal bacteria are skin and throat infections, i ... » Read on
Causes ... of rheumatic fever is unknown. The condition starts following a streptococcal throat infection that is caused by a strain of bac ... » Read on