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Green Smelly Discharge

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I think you need to take your dog to an ophthalmologist. That discharge can be indicative of infection.
Pregnant vaginal discharge by AtYourCervix Patient Expert Leukorrhea: the normal discharge of pregnancy.  Can be white, creamy, or clear.  Yes, it increases...! But, if you have anything that is Clumpy like cottage cheese Green Yellow Grey Frothy Itchy Burns Smells bad Pink/red/purple/brown/black...
before he "you know" inside.     OK, now that we've got that out of the way, that weird brown discharge...
who are sexually active, we have to worry about transmission of infections, especially if one's vaginal discharge...
transmitted infection causing discharge & crampy pain.  Regardless, go see your family physician.  Good luck!  ...
Depending upon the rate of menstrual flow, your blood (and blood tissue) can appear red (if fast) or brown (if slow).  The more time your body has to break up the blood, the slower the rate of flow, and the browner it will a
Going Green earns Green Premiums by Janice S. Patient Expert and not as good as conventional products. The good news is that we are now in the Green Era, and the newer... that the new generation of Green Products are as good or better than the products now in use by cleaning...
5 Green Parent Posts: Green Prophet, CNN, Grist, Times of India, Post-Gazette by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert to a green light in discussions around the sustainability cooler these days. Children, it turns out, do not...-sexy choice to not breed at all. They even have a name: GINKs as is Green Inclined, No Kids.  Making...
thanks!!! nope... just your body cycling as it should- seems like you are gearing up for ovulation.  If so then you are in your fertile window
A Green Way to Clean by Matt FM. Patient Expert . If anyone has tried it out, let me know your thoughs Clean+Green® are eco-friendly aerosol pet cleaning products... only temporarily mask odors, Clean+Green delivers instant results in a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution. Clean...

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