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in it. However, bleeding that occurs high up in the intestinal track can also result in black stool and sometimes these are described as "tarry" in nature. That is, compared to normal stool, this stool is stickier.
.  I would've expected more white blood cells (WBC) in your stool if you were infected.  Likewise, I wonder what made your doctor comment about blood in your stool (unless you're the same person who wrote in another community...
Probably nothing.  More importantly, why was your stool being checked?  Best to go ask the health care provider who ordered the test how s/he would interpret it.  But in the meantime, 0-1 is typically
enough to cause bleeding and/or loose stools.  Parvovirus usually causes bloody, very loose diarrhea and those pups are acting sick.  Eating the wrong kind of food can sometimes lead to blood in the stools...
This is not good because black stools often indicate that the animal is bleeding internally. I suggest you have your cat examined by your veterinarain as soon as possible.
It's probably best to ask the provider who ordered this test who can answer in the context of your full medical history. Lynn

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Causes ... e you to vomit blood, or to pass blood in your stools. However, if the ulcer is slow-bleeding, you may not disp ... » Read on
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