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Wend B Chaska, Minnesota
I have 4 kids, I am currently working on Social Security Disabilty (finally at the court hearing... More
Michele A. Reading, Pennsylvania
I am 40 years old and have a 10 year old daughter. I have been involved with the Martial Arts... More
Dr. Raouf Hanna, DDS Houston, Texas
Periodontist & Dental Implant Specialsit - Dr. Raouf Hanna, DDS In Houston, Texas Dr.... More
Jul Lake Elsinore, California
I am 55 years old, used to be active, but now with DDD I am not as active as I would like to... More
SUmar Los Angeles, California
I am a hair transplant specialist in Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction with uGraft. I am also... More

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Why is LIMA graft superior to saphenous venous graft in CABG ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor           During CABG arterial grafts are always preferred over venous grafts , for the simple reason the grafted vessel has to carry arterial blood and not the venous blood. Saphenous veins are tuned...
Cheeks - Radiesse vs. Fat Grafts vs Bone Grafts by AlexanderRivkinMD Patient Expert to further problems? If i was to get fat grafts to build up parts of scraped away cheekbone due to surgery would it be a surgical operation or can that be injected? Could bone graft be done to a good standard...
Biological Grafts – Clinical Study Results Cook Medical Biologic Grafts Reduce Postoperative Pain by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven works and the studies are now showing the graft is out performing a straight synthetic mesh... of the body.  BD Press Release: Clinical Study: Biologic Grafts Reduce Postoperative Pain...
How to Graft the Perfect Fruit Tree: Five Grafting Techniques by Chelsea Green Patient Expert to take care of any pre-season grafting. Learning the art and science of grafting fruit trees can give an old... techniques for grafting established trees, such as cleft, oblique, rind, veneer, crown and strap grafting...
Do ACL Hamstring Grafts Fail More than Patellar Tendon Grafts? by Mike Reinold Patient Expert between hamstring grafts and patellar tendon grafts of over 25,000 people.  The overall number of people.... In recent years the graft choice for ACL reconstruction has been slowly shifting towards favoring hamstring...
Thank you In general, if there are no complications, bone grafts will heal.  Your "cracking" represents a complication. You should inform your surgeon of the events and have the surgery site re-examined
It really depends, that is something that needs to be asked of your dentist since the materials may vary.  The dentists I have visited thus far have been great about checking ingredients in toothpastes. mouthwashes, etc. Bes
The situation you describe might be part of the bone graft being rejected by the target site.   When bone grafts do not heal, they become recognized as "foreign bodies" which are then expelled
Bring the crazy – Fecal Transplant by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven There’s a few places around the interweb that you can always count on for a good old dose of craziness. One of those is the Autism Web forums, where the latest trend being discussed is Fecal Transplant. Yeah. Fecal Tra
i-FACTOR™ Bone Graft – Enhanced Healing processes for Growth by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven graft is the only bone graft substitute that uses a unique anorganic bone mineral (ABM) and small... under development. Home Technorati Tags: spinal surgery, bone graft...

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