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Going Off Lyrica

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Jewells Dallas, Texas
I'm 57, and I just came out of denial of having bipolar about 6 months ago.  Recently, I... More
talljosh67 Washington, District of Columbia
My name is Josh. I came on here cause I've suffered from chronic pelvic pain for 6 years. I've had... More
Vickie Spring City, Utah
In January of 2007, I decided to reform my life and health through the merits of following a... More
Yedroz California
Elevate gf has been the talk of the town. Elevate gf needs somebody to observe Elevate gf. Elevate... More
I'm Mandi, a 20-something journalist (The Bike Writerâ??geddit?) working, living and biking... More

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Fibromyalgia & Lyrica by Jenny M. Patient ExpertHealth Maven In light of The New York Times article on Lyrica , ( the new Pfizer drug being prescribed... more and more medication. What is Lyrica and what does it do? Pfizer released Lyrica a few...
Lots Of Twitching Going On.... by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven it would only make it worse. Now on to the twitching...  I do have a lot of twitching going on today... Pharma's greed and our poor regulatory processes that they are. Lyrica, Topomax and Lamictal...
Accupuncture? I swear I'm going to try that next! by Stef .. Patient Expert . Has anyone tried that Lyrica that is advertised on TV as being for fibromyalgia? I'm kinda curious...
Still Going and Going and Going by Steven L. Patient Expert in to start getting the legs going again. Stats for Thursday’s swim: 2,000-yards in 39:14 (41:14 w/rest) 5x400... since my work schedule was going to keep me from running during the day. It was wet, early, dark, and not...
It Keeps Going...and Going...and Going... by Nikki M. Patient Expert These last few weeks with Muddear have been extremely difficult. I try not to dwell on it, but I keep thinking, "surely it is going to get better." Please? So much has happened that I figured I better post...
Going once, going twice, going three times... SOLD to the compassionate landowner instead of the slaughterhouse!! (If we'll giv by Melissa Bastian Patient ExpertFacebook Animal lovers everywhere, here is a story you won't want to miss. Jodi of the amazing VET shop This Is It! Creations made a terrible discovery over the weekend: that these three bulls who graze on her property were to be so
Going Once, Going Twice, Going Green by Sierra Club .. Patient Expert Christie’s auction house has partnered with NBC Universal for its first-ever “green auction,” which will take place on April 22the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Native Energy will provide carbon offsets for the eventthe
My Surly Cross Check: it just keeps going and going and going... by Doug R. Patient Expert Long time riders will recognize this as my long term favorite commuter bike. I purchased this Cross Check back in 2005. Last fall, after 25,000 miles of mostly city riding and commuting, I decided to upgrade to a new Surl
backgrounds etc. The most important things to know are these:  feeling like you are going crazy is Normal...

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Treatment ... problems. You may be able to take pregabalin as a brand called Lyrica. However, pregabalin can cause a number ... » Read on
Symptoms ... sty, producing excessive amounts of urine (going to the toilet a lot), extreme tiredne ... » Read on