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I am the founder of Secret Changes, a website for personal growth.  I have drawn on my own... More
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I am a stay at home mom of a 4 year old boy and a 3 year old girl.  My husband travels a lot... More
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I have used Natural Healing Methods for years myself and have always been very much into... More

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The secret is to hit the cancer ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven The secret is to hit the cancer with CyberKnife and not the healthy tissue around a tumor...BD... the radiation is only delivered directly to the tumor and not to any healthy tissue. Doctors say the CyberKnife...
An All-Natural Cancer-Fighting Secret from the Amazon by Total Health Breakthroughs Patient Expert Besides the fact that it simply hasn’t been shown to increase the survival rate from cancer, a major drawback of chemotherapy is the horrific side effects.  Many chemotherapy drugs work by stopping all cell division in t
Cancer's Dirty Little Secret... by Matthew Z. Patient Expert For Survivors Under 40, Nothing's Changed There's a dirty little secret in cancer... was king and the average 5-year remission was 50%. Yes, cancer's dirty little secret isn't...
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Read Useful Secrets About Breast Cancer by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert cancer tumors to be present in regions that are within the nipple tract. This will make the bloody...
The Secret by Debby Patient Expert , for we are all dropped into the same pool. I feel blessed to know this secret, and I hug it to me. Tomorrow is my bone...
The Secret History Of The War On Cancer. Hang on kiddies! This is going to be a very bumpy ride... by Matthew Z. Patient Expert The War on Cancer set out to find, treat, and cure a disease. Left untouched were many of the things known to cause cancer, including tobacco, the workplace, radiation, or the global environment. Proof of how the world i
PSA - Cancer's Dirty Little Secret by Matthew Z. Patient Expert If you're diagnosed with cancer between 15 and 39, just pretend it's 1977.
Could a blood test reveal cancer’s genetic secrets? by Cancer Research UK Patient Expert A simple blood test might one day help doctors monitor the genetic changes in cancer in 'real time' Over recent months we’ve written about exciting new research looking at how the genetic makeup of an individual patie
Vitamin Variants Could Combat Cancer As Scientists Unravel B12 Secrets by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy In a development that may lead to new drugs to treat cancer, scientists at the University have discovered the process by which a key vitamin (B12) is made in cells. A team at the University’s School of Biosciences led by

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Treatment ... se consciousness. If this occurs, you will need an injection of glucagon into your muscle, which is a hormone that quickly incre ... » Read on
Treatment ... iousness. If this occurs, you will need to have an injection of glucagon into your muscle, which is a hormone that quickly incre ... » Read on