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Flower Spy catonsville, Maryland
I am a surviver of a rare disease called Conn's Disease, or primary hyperaldosteronism. I had it... More
jengw California
I am training to be a certified health and wellness coach so that I can teach others how to live... More
Moriah California
I am a lung cancer [cartoid] survivor.  Am presently being challenged with a re-occurrence of... More
Cancer-Wife Indianapolis, Indiana
I am the wife of a Stage IV Lung Cancer Patient.  He is the love of my life. We have been... More
Dr. Cerullo video-blogs about neurology, specifically brain tumors and spine disorders. Dr.... More

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Size Matters Unfortunately for This Woman – Gigantism Rare Disease Where She Keeps Growing With Tumor Pushing on Pituitary by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven until around 22 when she started growing again, all over, weight, height and organs.  She has a tumor that needs... one look and diagnosed acromegaly, also known as gigantism , caused by a tumor in her brain...
Life outside of cancer can still be a GIANT pain in the ass by robs723 Patient Expert , but rediculously expensive. I took the $18 I paid to see a giant bridege of rock, and went ahead and wandered...
A Potential Giant Step Forward in Lymphoma Treatment by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine ) from the patient’s own blood. These cells were then loaded with RNA that had been isolated from the dog’s tumor...
One Giant Leap Forward by Ulysee W. Patient Expert This was a very big week for cancer vaccines. Long time readers of this blog know that I am a proponent of Cancer Vaccines. First, Dendreon released the full results of the pivotal Provenge trial. As expected, a survival b
Meaningful Use Stage 2: A Giant Leap in Data Exchange by Juno Medical Doctor The CMS and ONC Meaningful Use Stage 2 rules we just issued represent a massive step forward in advancing the secure exchange of information between providers and patients to support better care across the nation. Getting
Novel Genetic Mutations Discovered in Two Benign Bone Tumors by Bruce Friedman Patient Expert to chondroblastoma and giant cell tumor of bone (see: Novel Mutations Define Two Types of Bone Tumor: Two Related... tumor of bone from the Wikipedia (see: Giant-cell tumor of bone ): Giant-cell tumor of bone...
8 Most Horrible Tumors by Cory D. Registered Nurse for what you have and DON'T have. 8 Most Horrible Tumors Jose: the man with no face Josehas one ofthe... of the giant weeping growth that has consumed his features; the tumour has taken over his mouth and tongue...
FDA Approves Drug to Treat Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors by for treating renal cell carcinoma and subependymal giant cell astrocytoma , a type of benign brain tumor... FDA Approves Drug to Treat Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors The Food and Drug...
Relatives of people with brain tumors at higher risk for developing the same type of tumor by Kathlyn S. Patient Expert of cancerous brain tumors appear to be at higher risk of developing the same kind of tumors compared to people... brain tumors -- either glioblastomas or astrocytomas -- along with family medical histories...
MUC-1 Tumor Antigen Agonist Epitopes for Enhancing T-cell Responses to Human Tumors by Description of Invention: The MUC-1 tumor associated antigen.... Scientists at NIH have identified 7 new agonist epitopes of the MUC-1 tumor associated antigen. Compared...

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Causes ... an uncontrollable manner producing a lump of tissue, known as a tumor. There are two types of tumor: ... » Read on
Causes A cancerous tumor starts from one abnormal cell, which starts to multiply ou ... » Read on