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For almost 20 years I have been decorating homes and loved the journey.  Seeing my... More
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In early 2005, I was 28 years old and just beginning to break into a career as an opera singer.... More
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My name is Paige... I'm 16 and pregnant, about 15 weaks, and I am extreamly excited. I have... More
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Generics Just As Good As Brand Name by Dr. Matthew M. Medical Doctor to the same brand name medications. This study is very important because there still exists a common... for all possible studies) and meta-analysis (analyzes data from multiple studies) that compared generic to brand...
MEDICATION: Lamictal vs Generic Lamotrigine by annhertel Patient ExpertHealth Maven would only cover $70 of the name brand since there is a generic out there. so i took the generic since i didn't have half a paycheck on hand to give the nice man. i went home, began taking the generic... and shocking...
Just what are generic drugs? Why are they cheaper? Are they as effective as name-brands? by Scott Keith Patient Expert of prescription medicines.  Look at it this way:  At the grocery store, some customers prefer that “brand-name.... In a way, the same principle holds for prescription drugs. There are the familiar brand names...
Lead to Gold: The alchemy of transforming nutritional-supplement-to-medication by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor , generic thyroid replacement). Whatever you do, don't EVER run a head-to-head comparative trial... and providing the appearance of exclusivity. 2) Identify a medical indication for your product. Choose...
Generic medications by Dr. Alexander Mauskop Medical Doctor and became available in a generic form, under the names of sumatriptan and topiramate.  Many patients are concerned... to patients who used the branded Topamax, those on generic substitutions needed...
Generic Drug Denied, Try A Brand Name First by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy for denial: I had to try a brand-name medication first. Stop.  Read that again.  They wouldn’t allow me to give a prescription for the (cheaper) generic drug because I had to try the brand-name medication first...
ApoThera Medication Management and Review Services – Using HealthVault Medication Records You Share for Access by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven that will reduce the medication costs by: a) changing a brand name medication to a generic. b) changing from a brand name to a similar but less expensive brand name or generic. c) discontinuing medications or...
Is it right to prescribe generic medications? by Neil Kao Medical Doctor up to tier 2 & 3, more expensive, name-brand medications. Epilogue: despite explaining our decision making.... If the medication happens to be generic and sold over the counter, so be it. Many patients are not aware...
Standards for Naming Medical Devices by Dr. John H. Medical Doctor . What are the evolving standards for naming and identifying medical devices? There are two popular approaches... naming to enable new functionality and provide increased safety monitoring for all the medical devices we use. ...
I’m a Name Brand….I’m a Generic by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven for FDA Technorati Tags: Medical Humor, FDA, generic drugs, Teva ... Like the commercials, I’m a Mac, I’m a PC…from Teva Drugs, the all encompassing generic

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Treatment ... cribed include: donepezil (brand name Aricept), rivastigmine (brand na ... » Read on
Treatment ... that include: fluoxetine (brand name Prozac) paroxetine (brand name S ... » Read on