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sklundt60 California
I am 63 married, I was very heavy for a great many years had to have Gastric bypass surgery to... More
JoyACookin' NY, New York
Helping a nation of eaters learn to feed themselves without the massive salt, sugar, chemical... More
judyscaregiver las vegas, Nevada
I have been taking care of my mother since May of 2005. I guess the best way to understand the... More
Kara K. US
There are so many C words that make your heart flutter like...couture, cashmere, or better yet... More
Cherie Funderburg California
Greetings. I am Cherie Funderburg and I've been living gluten-free since 02/03. This blog details... More

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G-Tube Feedings and Dentistry by Lynn Patient Expert When feeding via g-tube for medical reasons, typically the person being fed does NOT eat orally... between her teeth.  Her teeth are white and shiny and it makes for a beautiful smile! When feeding via g-tube...
G-Tube Feeding Mechanics by Lynn Patient Expert When feeding via g-tube for medical reasons, there are options other than formula and pumps. We give Little Miss bolus feedings using a two ounce syringe, rather than using a pump. It gives us more freedom...
G-tube feedings = Recipes for blended food. by Lynn Patient Expert up calcium and magnesium and add to a syringe during one of her daily feedings.  I use a  Vitamix blender...-Tube Recipes – What NOT to Include Storing Food Prepared for G-Tube Feeding Variations on a Theme...
G-Tube Feeding on Recent Travels by Lynn Patient Expert . after feeding three syringes, it looks like this at the end of feeding it looks like this Here’s a closer... of syringes given After several years of giving feedings via g-tube, it becomes mindless. I quickly forget...
Fruit and Grain Recipe for G-Tube Feeding by Lynn Patient Expert , rice base, corn syrup base with vitamins and minerals added.  Definitely the easiest way to feed someone with a g-tube.  For my daughter I have found it is not the BEST way to feed her and not even the easiest...
What to Feed When They’ve Been Sick by Lynn Patient Expert in the meantime, we reached another opportunity for feeding.  The question was, what to feed her? Neocate Jr resulted in vomiting. Back to square one. Water. Then Pedialyte. NOW what to feed her? Ramen noodles...
Leftovers and g-tube feedings by Lynn Patient Expert I feed my 12 year old daughter with special needs via a g-tube and I blend her food... thickness for bolus feeds, and it smelled good too! Beans are economical, nutritious and high in protein...
Reasons to Feed Homemade Blended Meals by Lynn Patient Expert When a person is fed via g-tube for medical reasons, or due to a disability, there are several reasons homemade blended meals can be better than formula. There is no question that formula is convenient. Pop open a c
Storing Food Prepared for G-Tube Feeding by Lynn Patient Expert When preparing food for g-tube feeding, I am particularly careful to avoid contamination....) When preparing food for g-tube feeding, I am particularly careful to avoid contamination.  My system...
Next Step~ eating & feeding by Ali Patient ExpertFacebook Ok, well feeding really came first. VERY FIRST right after birth...but in my blog, it's coming... for. A feeding tube was discussed, and in my case dismissed, so he wasn't burning all of the calories...

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Treatment ... ages of the disease, alternative feeding methods such as a naso-gastric tube (tube from the nose to the stomach that delivers fo ... » Read on
Treatment ... et to be fed directly into your stomach through a tube. The nasogastric tube is inserted into your nose and passed down into you ... » Read on