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Charmaine Bend, Oregon
I am the mother of 3 girls with multiple food allergies. My husband and my mother also have food... More
Andrea Garza-FoodAllergyTalk phoenix, Arizona
Food Allergy Talk provides a completely original take on providing information, facts, tips,... More
Megan US
My name is Megan and I'm a Sixteen years old. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. I am... More
Alice V. Johannesburg, ZA
I am a 23 year old with Cystic Fibrosis. However in january of this year I underwent a bi-lateral... More
Dr. Steven P., MD New York City, New York
  I'm an otolaryngologist in solo private practice in midtown Manhattan. I'm the author... More

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Bad dog breath? Try garlic and avocados (Oops, on second thought...) by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine , however, there is one silver lining: All that glorious garlic breath. It sure beats his regular smell, that’s for sure.    ... so spicy with garlic you’d have to be a serious fan of the stuff to enjoy this dish. And I am.  Problem...
Breakfast Garlic Breath by Mama's Weeds Patient Expert that come with it. I’ve fallen behind with some thing’s around here so with fingers crossed that Zak’s garlic breath gets... Big juice, little juice. Carrot juice, garlic juice. Which juice is which juice? Yes, that’s...
Garlic breath (Σκορδίλα) by Maria Verivaki Patient Expert of it because it's very hard to get rid of garlic breath when you don't bring anything else to eat at school, not... came back to the classroom after interval, she complained that the whole room stunk of a greasy garlic smell...
Bad Breath Lowers Cancer Risks by Mary Ann P. percent. Garlic eaters lowered their risks by 30 percent. While this is true of several types of cancer only breast and ovarian cancers were mentioned in the article I read. If you love onions and garlic...
Make the Most of Garlic by Ingrid .. Patient Expert Garlic Breath and Its Scent from Hands Garlic imparts its pungent aroma not only into our recipes... breath. Here are some excellent tips and suggestions. Removing Garlic’s Scent from Hand and Fingers...
Caveman Breath by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional madMUHHH complained about having constant bad breath. Of course, he was also eating loads of garlic... you’ll have taken care of the bad breath. The bad news is that some of the best foods – like fish, garlic...
The Essential 4 Series: Breathe Better Methods I by Drea D. Healthy Living Professional of better breathing I will discuss, however, the universe has opened up to me in such ways that I will talk...? Where does breathing start? In the nasal cavity...starting with the nose. Let's take a look inside the nose. In order...
How to Cure Bad Breath by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine know that onion and garlic gives you bad breath. The cause can also be coffee or alcohol dehydrating... Few things are so bad for your self esteem as a bad breath. If you are suffering for bad breath...
Beating Bad Breath by Invisalign topdentist during digestion that are released when you belch. Although garlic is another well-known source of bad breath... At best, bad breath’s an embarrassment. At worst, it can be a sign of serious disease. In extreme...

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Causes ... g. Food and drink Strongly flavoured foods, such as garlic, onion and spices often cause your breath to smell after ... » Read on
Introduction ... ccurs after eating strongly flavoured foods, such as onions and garlic. Smoking and drinking a lot of alcohol can also cause you ... » Read on