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Hi there - Sounds to me like you could be starting early labor.  Call your OBGYN and share with him or her what you did with us.   Best of luck!
Lisa, Since you haven't said exactly where you saw this "white creamy discharge," I am going... from these glands when just sitting around, while others will cause the discharge when straining to pass a stool...
Is this fungus hidden inside you making you ill? by Mark Hyman, M.D. Medical Doctor Could hidden fungus be making you ill? Let me tell you about a patient who came to my office... of yeast. This patient had such a fungus problem that she was practically a walking mushroom! The cause... God Bless you and the day you were born. The white....  It has only come once and was a pretty large globule of white goo. The only way you can get pregnant is if you ovulate...
it says negative n i hav a white discharge.this is the thats happening to me... plz help...   i need some advice, am 4 days late on my period. have be suffering from white discharge. haven't had unprotected or...
the 6th of December?   In looking at the calendar there doesn't appear to be anything untoward about what is goin on with your body.  Your cervical mucus is just going through its natural cycle in lead upto and away from
who are sexually active, we have to worry about transmission of infections, especially if one's vaginal discharge...
before he "you know" inside.     OK, now that we've got that out of the way, that weird brown discharge...
Depending upon the rate of menstrual flow, your blood (and blood tissue) can appear red (if fast) or brown (if slow).  The more time your body has to break up the blood, the slower the rate of flow, and the browner it will a
what is called a progesterone spike.. when the level sudden falls it causes what is known as a "withdrawl bleed"... sheding any lining she may have developed in her uterus and RESTARTING her cycle.  That day of bleed...

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Treatment ... cular disease, it is possible to experience heavy, or constant, rectal bleeding. This happens if the blood vessels in your colon ... » Read on
Complications ... ke prune juice), one-sided abdominal pain and pain when passing stools (feces) or urine. ... » Read on