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davidelliot Whitianga, NZ
My Story   I was taken to hospital mid December 2007 aged 45 due to having a grand mal... More
Lisa LaMendola Denver, Colorado
So what qualifies me to help you about get well? First of all, I'm a . This means I can see... More
Hemmroids London, UK
I am a passionate reviewer of hemorrhoids cure products and I'm considered an established expert... More
I am a retired physcian who has been battling kidney cancer for 7 years. I have had stage 4... More
happychicc California
I am 45,widowed for last 10 yrs. i have had RA for around 1.5 yrs now, coping without any... More

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Foot Fungus Cured With Socks by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy A friend writes: I remember reading on your blog about more socks as a cure for Athlete’s..., the infection COMPLETELY disappeared. There is a weird sense of satisfaction from this kind of cure. It feels...
Coconut Oil Cures Foot Fungus by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy About ten years ago my doctor pointed to a thin white line on my foot: That’s fungus, he said. Huh. He prescribed an  antifungal medicine, previously available only by prescription, that had recently become over-the-c
Cure Athlete's Foot Naturally by Sandy H. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Athletes foot is caused by a fungal skin infection. The fungi that cause it feed on dead skin cells... there are many natural health remedies that will cure athlete's foot. Athlete's foot is a common condition in young...
Two Case Studies -- Diarrhea-IBS and Constipation-IBS and GI Fx Stool Test: Overgrowth of Pathobiont Klebsiella, Fungi Rhodotoru by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy ...................................... And replenishment and repopulation of SBO commensals/fermented foods, basically the 7-Steps to cure intestinal...? After a round of gastroenteritis or antibiotics, the commensal organisms and fungi that safeguard our gut domain...
HOW TO CURE SIBO, Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth: Step #6 Avoid allergenic foods (corn, soy, gluten/wheat, dairy, nuts, egg w by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy Photo credit:  Heritage J. Nature, 2004 . HOW TO CURE SIBO/SIFO, Small Intestinal...? I wish I knew... Bacteria and fungi live in biofilms and exchange DNA within the matrix. Like a meme...
Fungi Used as Medicines throughout History by Lucy J. Patient Expert in the Orient bear testament to the homage paid to this acclaimed cure-all mushroom. Next is Cordyceps...
Chronic Stuffy Nose Often Caused by Fungi by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor have the foggiest idea what causes them, but researchers at the Mayo Clinic found fungi in 96 percent of people... with asthma and serious reactions to aspirin. The most common fungi are alternaria, penicillium...
Herbal Tea Recipes To Cure A Cold. by Sandy H. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine kitchen cupboard for the herbal cold cures. Here are some herbal tea recipes: Sage Sage, whose Latin... from your chest. It was once used on bandages to prevent infection and is even reputed to be a hangover cure...
Effective Techniques on on How to Cure A Yeast Infection by just 4 families Patient Expert fungi or yeast. This infection is the culprit why most women are interested to know some ways on how to cure a yeast infection . Most of the women nowadays experiences this type of infection...
Top Home Remedies To Cure Bacterial Vaginosis by Lynette Sheppard Registered NurseHealth Maven . Top Home Remedies To Cure Bacterial Vaginosis Bacterial vaginosis causes strong itchiness, swelling... contains strong antifungal property, which helps in killing harmful fungi. Rinse your vagina in 2-3 tbsp...

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