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Alex M. California
2009 was a really tough year for me.  I was unhealthy, unhappy, and very... More
Cheri Wellborn, Florida
While working 25 years in the corporate world, I trained for and completed 8 marathons and 3... More
Neil Kao, MD California
"Dr. Neil Kao's Allergy and Asthma Website" This website contains information I have... More
ddcat aberdeenshire, UK
54 yr old, studying to become animal behaviourist, trained dogs for years and done all the nasty... More

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she has no medical problems, such as a fungal infection. Step two is to pay attention to what  is going... Nail-biting in dogs is similar to that in people is that it can have either medical or...
Yeast Infections in Dogs Are Common by heru m. Patient Expert Yeast infections in dogs are common in most all dog breeds and if not treated it can lead to skin... of every living thing including your dog. There are two basic types of yeast infections that will attack your pet...
Colloidal/ionic silver: a natural approach for bacterial, fungal and other infections by Dr. Kim .. Naturopathic DoctorHealth Maven I’m a dog but since that term is cool enough for horses it’s cool enough for [...]...
, may also be caused by other bacterial, viral, or fungal agents, toxins, drugs, eating something irritatings, or.... Because of all this and your dog's young age, I suggest you have her examined by your veterinarian as soon as possible. ...
without any medication.  On the chance that this was a fungal infection, I would suggest you still keep small children..., but just appears dry and perhaps a bit flaky, you may be dealing with a fungal infection (ring worm...
I'm not sure exactly what you're describing here, but it might be the conjunctiva, the tissue between the base of the eyeball and the edge of the lower lid. This can become infected for different reasons...
First of all,  has your dog seen a veterinarian and been diagnoised with a recurring bacterial sinus infection?   Has your vet done a culture on the bacteria?  Has she/he scoped the sinuses
Yes it can. Go to and also for more information. Hi Rascal,   Yes it can. For more information on this go to and also
and set the animal up for an infection. From the other end, dogs with bladder infections are vulnerable... responsility. Also, if the urine eliminated by a dog with an infection isn't thoroughy cleaned up, the dog...
strange and that's why I decided to check for myself online about why a dog would have such a diagnosis... home with in fact a cat and another dog, which now she seems to have adjusted to.  In fact, the better...

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Causes Fungal spores are all around us, in the soil, on people, and on ... » Read on
Causes ... to become sore and inflamed. Fungal infection Nappy rash can ... » Read on