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Food Practice is a blog dedicated to the mindful celebration and exploration of food, through the... More
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Kenna M. SACRAMENTO, California
Racquetball woman!!! I work out everyday -- 4 times a week I play racquetball, 3 times a week.... More
adventuresgfmom Rio Rancho, New Mexico
I am a 36 year old gluten-free SAHM to two boys, ages 6 and 2. I was diagnosed with celiac disease... More
Tony K. Palo Alto, California
I work in the Stanford Dance Division. I've been director for 5 years. My car broke down when I... More

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Healthy recipes: Mum I want Shake Shake by Mary .. Patient Expert that we were eating little fruit. But, I had not considered the idea of Shake Shake and whether it would work... When everything is shake shake, then moms shake to the healthy food ideas of shake shake. Hi...
Custard Crapes Fruit Fantasy , Basic Pouring Custard recipe & Custard Cococnut Halwa by Niyaprakash Patient Expert Custard Crapes Fruit Fantasy Serves : 4 - 6 Ingredients 1 3/4 cups flour 1 1/2 cups milk... to completely cover the pan. Shake well and cook for about a minute till brown on the edges. Turn crape...
Fruit Punch of the day: Christmas recipes by Mary .. Patient Expert another 4cl and a little grenadine syrup plus some ice This is a perfect recipe for Bangkok... you can use any container that you have around in the house like bottles etc. Mix all the ingredients and shake well...
All Natural Protein Shake Video Recipe by Missy .. Patient Expert a quick all natural shake recipe for you. Watch the video for all the ingredients. I will give you a clue though, loads and loads of fruits are used. Enjoy!
Quick & Healthy Recipes: Bananacado Shake by Andy B. Healthy Living Professional to achieve a creamy texture, its taste goes unnoticed.  The key is to use very ripe fruit in order to provide..., monounsaturated fat, pantothenic acid, potassium, protein, recipes, saturated fat, sodium, sugar, vitamin B6...
Raw Vegan Recipe (video): Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake by Kristen S. Patient Expert Chocolate Bomb Shake Recipe by Kristen Suzanne of Yield 3 cups 1 cup filtered water 1... Chocolate Bomb Shake because it's the bomb! This fun shake is loaded with superior nutrition including...
Protein Shake "Recipes" by Andrea Patient Expert -----a pumpkin shake. Some people add fruit, I do this time of year to vanilla because local strawberries... is a protein shake before I go to the YMCA for my workout. I've had a few emails asking me if the protein...
Raw Food Recipe – Chocolate Silk Shake by Tera W. Patient Expert : this recipe does not compute….please clarify!….thank you!… DDD: Hi, Dandelion is a savior... eating a high fruit diet my teeth began to heal i think from all the nutrients...
Mum I want Shake Shake by Mary .. Patient Expert Hi, your son wants Shake Shake what do you do? This happened the other day as I was complaining that we were eating little fruit. But, I had not considered the idea of Shake Shake...
Healthy Recipe: Makeover Fruit Pizza Recipe by Laura Patient Expert different type of Pizza; a Pizza made with fresh fruit. I found this recipe at Taste of Home . The photo... and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened. Cool slightly. Drizzle over fruit. Refrigerate until chilled...

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Symptoms The symptoms of Parkinson's disease usually begin slowly and develop gradually, in no particular ... » Read on
Side effects ... or pounding heartbeat) tremor (having the shakes), sweating including night sweats. ... » Read on