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I have been joyfully providing advanced chiropractic, physical and integrative medicine for my... More

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My Personal Experience with Itching Disorders by Neil Kao Medical Doctor I have been frequently I ever know what it is like to have allergies? No, not allergic rhinitis... eyes, nose blowing, and need for (OTC and prescription) meds my entire life. Now, with regard to itchy...
I have that EXACT problem, and it started almost 2 weeks ago! Did you ever find out the answer??? Hi Prickly, There are a variety of conditions that can cause prickly sensations, and many of them are not serious. But you real
They are probably due to a rise in a nervous/immune system transmitter, histamine which can cause localized increases in blood flows within the skin, Grace. The skin is also rich in serotonin, a neurotransmitter implicated in
How To Cure Itchy Scalp by Sarah B. Patient Expert and wanted to know if there are any causes or solutions to itchy scalps. My sister started developing an itchy scalp several months back and it would sometimes get so itchy she would have to shower twice a day...
Chronic Stress Can be a Pain In the Neck, among other things by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook in the neck. Our shipping department went into overdrive to get this customer’s pillow... depression weakened immune system neck pain and back pain Dr. Ghandi goes on to explain...
It could be many thing like sinus problems would be first on the list. When sinus are plugged or draining they tend to make all kinds of noises. Squeeks, whistles, ringing things like that. Personally, I have a lot of sinus
the duration and the fact that you're also complaining of itchiness and nasal drainage, I wonder...
Sore Throat by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert . It occurs frequently when a person has a cold or an attack of influenza. This inflammation may also involve... and some hoarseness or laryngitis. The lymph glands along the sides of the neck may become swollen and tender...
The Neck Pain Associated with Occipital Neuralgia by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook a direct hit pinching of the nerves by overly tight neck muscles faulty neck posture : frequent... Traction Neck Pillow Frequently Asked Questions about this traction pillow ...
comes in complaining of itchy nipples is Paget's disease of the breast.  So go tell your physician... that you're finally entering menopause!  However, I haven't heard of menopause being related to itchy areolas...

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