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Frequent Hand Swelling

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Moniforthson California
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Dr. Rory S., PsyD Wilmington, Massachusetts
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Nykai D. hopewell, Virginia
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Ray Salomone California
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/hand swelling alone can be due to the above, too.  However, short of being involved in some trauma... Hmmm . . . now that's an interesting one.  Several reasons for swelling but usually it's...
Swelling in your hands during a marathon is common.  There a few factors that can cause this; weather and electrolyte imbalance.  Warm weather, cold weather and altitude can cause your hands to swell...
.  If you have pimples on your face and perhaps a lot of little spider veins, we might think of rosacea.  Hand swelling is also a relatively common response to high salt consumption.  Of course, if you notice that your hands change colors...
First things first.  It's not clear to me that you don't have an infection.  I guess a better way to say it is that I'm worried that you might have an infection, especially since it's painfully swollen & red over just a day o
The reason for swelling could be the onset of arthiritis in some cases..could also indicate water... to swelling in the feet. My feet swell also at times...right now my right foot is swollen and it hurts...
The lymph nodes in your body are part of the immune system, and can get inflamed and swollen if they're "working overtime" fighting an infection.  This tends to be particularly true for people with chronic fatigue syndrome or
SECOND HAND SMOKE...SHOULD I BE CONCERNED? by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven everybody caught up and on the same page! The topics of smoking and second hand smoke... much their decision to live with.  However, with increasing awareness of the inherent dangers of second hand smoke...
Cold Hands Warm Heart? ... by Sensationally Red Patient Expert Cold Hands Warm Heart? "Cold hands, warm heart!" I'd say to my kids when they were little... my hands like blocks of ice on their skin. I had my first Raynauds attack when my daughter was a baby...
The Story of Trudy Steuernagel and Her Death at the Hand of Her Son Sky Walker, Who Loved Her by Ginger T. Patient Expert Trudy Steuernagel at his hand and what has happened to him since. At hearing bits and pieces about his treatment, we have been angry at what seemed to be callous treatment at the hands of authorities...
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Hand Numbness by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty for over 20 years. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) sufferers frequently report a cluster of symptoms, but almost all have one symptom in common – numbness, usually in digits 2-4 on palm-side of the hand. CTS...

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