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BAER Hearing Test Results by Susan Patient Expert hearing tests were unable to be completed. I wanted answers, so we added a BAER test onto the schedule... brain response to different frequencies. The fear was that, although she could clearly hear...
Hearing Test by xoxomarebear Patient Expert , she has some loss on very high-frequency tones right now. These are tones so high that although they test... and the difficulty in getting accurate results unless she is very sound asleep. She continues to have no hearing...
Fun Hearing Test by Lily's Dad Patient Expert Here is a fun hearing test to see what sounds you can hear.  What is the highest frequency you can hear?  
Can you hear this? by Funny Old Life Healthy Living Professional test. This link takes you to a simple hearing test. Can you hear this? I thought... that I don’t have to worry about that one amymore. As we age, we naturally lose our high frequency hearing...
Booth Test by Drew's Dad . Patient Expert like Drew was definitley hearing at 40 dB's across all frequencies, but with him being so uncooperative... is blocked out and you can hear every little noise or breath you take. I think in some ways Drew is getting...
Hearing loss in high frequencies is where you lose the ability to hear sounds such as a timer bell, birds, and soft consonants such as S or F. With this kind of hearing loss, it begins to get difficult
Vanderbilt Image-Guided Mapping Test Results by Jennifer T. Patient ExpertHealth Maven was a single male voice at a consistent frequency. I did REALLY well on that test...that's a frequency... what I am hearing. I've been working with Rene Gifford at Vanderbilt, and she has said that they are still testing...
The Problems Associated with Hearing Loss by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook . vowel sounds and high frequency consonant sounds. Because of the way our hearing deteriorates with age... to hear the louder, lower frequency vowels. The consonants tend to be at the beginning at the ends...
Do You Hear Me Now? by Drew's Dad . Patient Expert . Drew's primary audiologist suggested that we begin his mapping session with a booth hearing test. She wanted to see exactly what Drew was able to hear at the very low and very high frequencies. We know...
Bouncing into a hearing life by Funny Old Life Healthy Living Professional . She took me to the soundproof booth and tested my hearing.  Mid-way through testing, I had to ask.... It turned out that my hearing had, yet again, improved overall, with a dip at the high frequency end...

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