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Chantal T. San Francisco, California
I'm a huge beauty buff! Got bitten by the beauty bug ever since I nicked my little index finger... More
George R. La Jolla, California
I am 87 years old. i have a mechanical heart valve and a pacemaker. I have just recovered from a... More
Amy K. OAKLAND, California
I love the outdoors! I run almost everyday and am training for my first Triathlon,... More
AnaRae California
I'm recovering from a fractured ankle and like to take pictures.
Kyle Bryant California
My goal is to push my limits (physical, emotional, mental) and encourage others to do the... More

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Autism Is Different Not Less like Equating a Broken Finger with Being a Quadriplegic by Kim S. Patient Expert Managing Editor's Note: James Terminiello has nailed the white washing that is Autism "Acceptance and Awareness" month in his editorial in New . What began as Leo Kanner's diagnosis of a whole body, th
Why Waking Up at 3:30 AM is Good by jenn Patient Expert This past month has been real madness. With a broken finger, I managed... from the vicodin) and just as the migraines went away, I found out that my finger had become infected...
First Aid for Heart attack , Burns, Cuts, Fracture and Poisons and bites by Niyaprakash Patient Expert exposed body parts FIRST AID FOR FRACTURE Find out how the accident occurred and the location... surgical care. Lightly squeeze the fingers or toes near the injury . If you are sure those digits...
PV card: Metacarpal fractures by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor What do these two patients with metacarpal fractures have in common? Answer: These patients have injuries which need reduction in the ED. Patient #1: Rotation deformities of the fingers...
Poll: How would manage a metacarpal fracture in the ED? by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor I am in the process of creating a PV card on metacarpal fractures, divided... in the next few days. Do you need to close-reduce all angulated fractures in the ED, which are outside...
Trick of the Trade: Finger nailbed laceration repair by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Over the years, I have been frustrated by how inelegant finger nailbed closure is. Nailbed.... Perform a digital nerve block of the finger. Copiously irrigate the laceration...
Navicular Fractures, Running, and Hockey Pucks by Ryan K. Patient Expert Bone stress fracture and that I should get an x-ray. Before visiting the doc I did some reading... is the pronounced bone you can find by sliding your fingers from your inner ankle towards your big toe...
The Pinkie Finger of Dentistry by Linda Zdanowicz Patient Expert finger of dentistry.  If you asked someone which finger is the least useful on their hand, they'd probably say it's the pinkie.  It's small and you've got three other fingers to oppose the thumb...
Trick of the Trade: Ring removal from a finger by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor A patient presents with a swollen finger after falling and fracturing it. The patient is more distraught by the fact that she can't get the ring off her finger. She implores you not to cut the ring...

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What to do ... g to bandage the wound firmly. Raise the wound (if there are no fractures) to decrease the flow of blood. Seek medical help for ... » Read on
Introduction ... l or wrist. The peripheral devices may help predict the risk of fracture in your spine or hip, but cannot accurately follow chan ... » Read on