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Ann P. Quinton, Oklahoma
Rakesh Mahto Bokaro, IN
lungs_for_life Manchester, UK
My name is Rachael Wakefield. I'm 20yrs old from north west England. I suffer from a rare lung... More
Galet Tennessee
Gale Tern is a freelance writer and author of two books. My most recent book is entitled... More Los Angeles, California is for individuals, friends and families who are looking to connect... More

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Should Alcoholics with Liver Failure Receive Liver Transplants? by Bruce Friedman Patient Expert Here's an interesting question. Should alcoholics with liver failure be candidates for liver transplants, some of which will presumably paid for by health insurance or public funds? A recent...
Alli Possible Cause of Liver Failure by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven and six resulted in liver failure. Thirty of the adverse events occurred outside the United States... event reports of liver injury in patients taking the weight loss drug orlistat, marketed...
The Drug Warfarin May Help Prevent Liver Failure In Thousands Of People With Hepatitis C by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy show that warfarin reduces the scarring on the liver caused by Hepatitis C. This scarring, or fibrosis, replaces normal liver cells and can lead to cirrhosis of the liver and ultimately liver failure. Following...
How to Cure Bad Breath by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Few things are so bad for your self esteem as a bad breath. If you are suffering for bad breath... dries out the mouth and increases your bad breath problem. Then look at what you eat: Most people...
20 Best Bad Breath Remedies by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine breath has been rated the most unattractive feature a person can have! It is very embarrassing to have bad breath and it is very unpleasant to talk or, even worse, kiss a person with a smelly breath...
Research on Halitosis (Bad Breath), Breath Odor by Dr. Thomas Gibbs Doctor of Dentistry Recently Dr. Gibbs and some of the staff attended a meeting concerning new research in halitosis. Among some of the findings: Over 90 % of halitosis originates from oral origins. Digestive, medical diseases, and
Getting Rid of Bad Breath: The Tongue Scraper a Quick, Easy, Natural and Effective Solution for Reducing Halitosis by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Okay, it's a touchy subject but one that needs to be addressed.....bad breath. From bad morning breath to severe and persistent halitosis there is a solution that takes about 2 minutes daily. It's...

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Complications ... dehydration, liver failure, shock, ... » Read on
When it should be done ... short-term) liver disease - this is where the patient has liver failure, including viral hepatitis. ... » Read on