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Ryan C. San Francisco, California
I think of myself as a pretty health conscience individual. I like running, lifting weights, as... More
I am the mom to a wonderful boy on the autism spectrum - he is funny and smart, plus a master... More
Valmar F. SAN MATEO, California
I replaced soccer with golf about 8 years ago. I think I am in physically fine form, but all the... More
k8ejohnson Buna, Texas
Hello there! What can I say...I'm me.  I love to blog when I am in good spirits or bad... More
Inner You Pilates Carmel, Indiana
Inner You Pilates specializes in private, duo and small group reformer sessions. Regular practice... More

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Dyslexia questions by JohnL Doctor of Philosophy seen the 1-in-5 figure many places, but I’m still not sure of it’s veracity. If dyslexia is one form... Under the title, Education Matters: Dyslexia: The Hidden Learning Difference,” Jayne...
Dyslexia is more then not spelling. by Eric W. Patient Expert Sometimes it is difficult for people to understand that dyslexia is more then just having difficulty with reading, grammar and spelling.  If only that were the case, dyslexia is a struggle...
Wish I was at the International Dyslexia Association Conference this week... not really. by Eric W. Patient Expert The International Dyslexia Association(IDA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, scientific, and educational organization dedicated to the study and treatment of the learning disability,  dyslexia  as well as related...
ERP differences in dyslexia by JohnL Doctor of Philosophy Young children with dyslexia do not respond as well as their non-disabled peers when asked... with dyslexia did not improve as much as their peers. In addition, electroencephalography revealed...
Seven Principles every Parent should know about dyslexia. by Eric W. Patient Expert Just got off the phone with another caring parent whose son has been diagnosed with dyslexia... other forms of digital violence the mind of your child will reflect that digital violence with physical...
Dyslexia Research Study by Shane H. Patient Expert Florida State University has established a Dyslexia Research Registry... purpose of the registry is.... to facilitate research in the understanding of dyslexia...
Unlocking Dyslexia in Japanese by Alvaro F. Healthy Living Professional Great article in the Wall Street Journal today: Unlocking Dyslexia in Japanese . Quotes... with dyslexia learn and how best to teach them. Researchers have long observed that some dyslexics...
Dyslexia by Kimberly H. Patient Expert disabilities... and while I've never been officially diagnosed with dyslexia - I firmly believe that I have it in some mild form. Case in point - 99% of the time, if you give me a phone number or a series of numbers...
How genes may affect dyslexia by JohnL Doctor of Philosophy Migration and Dyslexia,” Isabel Tapia-Páez and colleagues revealed that they have discovered a group of proteins that apparently act together to control the transcription of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid that forms...
Costs of untreated dyslexia by JohnL Doctor of Philosophy Liz Ditz, who dables in lots of interests (one of which is Learning Disabilities, thank goodness), picked up a story about the costs of dyslexia to society, at least in the form of government

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