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Scott Keith Portland, Oregon
I am a freelance writer in Portland, Oregon. I launched my blog More
FireRaven Albuquerque, New Mexico
I'm a self-taught jewelry artist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I love creative expression... More
Dr. Andrew Schneider Houston, Texas
They say “When your feet hurt, you hurt all over.”  This couldn’t be more... More
I’ve suffered from Candida for years.  About 12 years ago I went to a naturopath... More

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Pain in any part of our body is a signal to us to pay attention. You may have stepped in an awkward way without realizing, preoccupied with the baby as you are. The signal is to pay attention to your own well-being. Exercise,
Foot Care Tips for Quick, Easy, Do-It-Yourself Foot Pain Relief for Sore, Tired, and Achy Feet with a Mini-Massage Ball by Aliesa George Patient Expert Here are some simple foot-care tips to relieve foot pain and enjoy a relaxing foot massage... after a long day at work, do you ever experience tired, sore or achy feet and arches? Being able to prop...
Cool New Foot-Massage Product: The Centerworks® Acupressure Foot Massage Mat by Aliesa George Patient Expert A New Foot-Care Product is available NOW!  The Centerworks® Acupressure Foot Massage Mat can help you reduce foot pain and improve the health and fitness of your feet. This easy-to-use foot massage mat...
What To Do When You Get Injured Exercising [Good Sore Versus Bad Sore] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert a soccer player caught his foot in a hole in the grass and went down, breaking his FEMUR. It sounded.... If your wrists are sore avoid pull-ups and push-ups. The key here is to keep resting your Achilles heel even...
Magnolia’s 6-Month Challenge: Day 13 Sore Back, Sore Joints and Exercise in the AM by Magnolia Miller Healthy Living Professional me from taking down the 10 foot Christmas tree and rearranging furniture last night...
Salt & mineral imbalance can lead to muscle soreness & cramping.  Prolonged endurance-type exercise... more likely describe the red spots as blisters.  Localized pockets of infection could also make the leg sore...
Can you provide a better description of exactly where the sore spot is located?  If it's on the cheek right outside of her upper teeth, I can give you some good advice.  If it's elsewhere, I'll need
Stupid foot by Tawnee Prazak Healthy Living Professional So I got a gnarly blister from the Desert Tri in the arch of my R foot. It's my own dang fault...... it was a 20-something mile week. I started noticing an issue on Wed or Thur. My ankle was sore and so was the lateral...
One word…SORE! by Bella C Patient Expert .  Up left foot, touch right foot (at the top of the step), down left foot, down right foot and reverse... together! Now, I’m going to drink a bit more water to try to avoid too much soreness tomorrow (I’m already feeling...
My left foot is feeling "weaker" and is becoming painful by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven In past posts, I've mentioned that my left foot felt "weak" after long runs. That condition is getting worse. The "weak" feeling starts at about 8 miles, and by 10 miles, my foot is starting to feel...

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Causes ... mage to the nerves (peripheral neuropathy) particularly in your feet. Once damaged, the nerves cannot transmit sensations of pai ... » Read on
Prevention ... ng of the arteries), it is important to take extra care of your feet. People with diabetes are recommended to ... » Read on