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Holli Beaumont, Texas
I am mommy to one son, Austin, who was diagnosed with a catastrophic form of epilepsy known as... More
Tina US
I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls. I have a background as a Physical Therapist... More
Mindi US
As a mother of two healthy, busy boys I was taken back when my third child was diagnosed with a... More

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Tweet Pearls of the Week - Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor "Fluid redistribution more important early than fluid removal."  Dr. Amal Mattu ( @amalmattu ) [ View the story "Tweet Pearls of the Week " on Storify ] Video source
DHC and pulmonary oedema (the end!)… by Ron Patient Expert (DHC), again. This, as I’ve mentioned previously, can cause pulmonary oedema (it has once... a while for pulmonary oedema to kick in or for my legs to swell. So, I went back to DHC, 60mg every 6 hours, hoping...
Things are moving slowly...... by Pamela B. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Well we are working on getting Rhett better. He has some pulmonary edema, and a pulmonary effusion. (spelling?) They are trying to get the fluid off of him, so that his lungs can expand...
Chronicles of the Heart, Part 21 – it’s Pulmonary Oedema time! by Ron Patient Expert . There is a risk, in heart failure, of DHC causing Pulmonary Oedema – a build-up of fluid in the lungs... but something better would be nice), and a few months ago he stopped my DHC on the grounds that it causes pulmonary...
Opioid analgesics and pulmonary oedema… by Ron Patient Expert pulmonary oedema. I tried for a while, remained unconvinced by its efficacy (officially codeine... me revert to DHC. My logic was that if it was going to cause pulmonary oedema it had had ample time...
Podcast 5 Flash 3D by Rob W. Patient Expert on Flash 3D. All contribitions welcome, preferably as audio files, to Link... of Pulmonary Embolism: A Comparison Between V/Q Lung Scintigraphy in SPECT Technique and Multislice Spiral CT...
Seldinger Technique: Flash Animation by Imre Kissik and Andras Szekely Patient Expert Flash animation of it on the website of Anesthesia UK. Check out the animation here . Here is a guide to the use of pulmonary arterial catheters. - András
and other calcium channel blockers are notorious for causing edema.  If it's only happening to one leg, then it's... to be from heart failure or pulmonary hypertension since only one leg is affected.  I suppose that rarely...
Simple Swollen Calf or Deep Vein Thrombosis? by John !. Patient Expert loose and travel to your lungs. This is called a pulmonary (lung) embolism." This gets my attention because a friend of mine actually recently suffered a pulmonary embolism while playing basketball at the Y...
I am damn sure this MCQ will trouble you ! by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor with flash pulmonary edema and acute severe hypertension .It was a real messy echocardiography . We could not...

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Complications ... blood vessels. This increase in pressure forces fluid into your lungs, and stops them from working properly by preventing them f ... » Read on
Causes ... to the muscles and brain, which in turn requires the heart and lungs to work harder causing breathing and pulse rates to increa ... » Read on