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Fish Tank Betta

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Caring for a Japanese Fighter Fish (Betta) by Matt FM. Patient Expert   One of the most common misconceptions of betta fish is that they must be in a bowl... cups. But in reality, they can make a great addition to a community tank. While Bettas don't...
The Blob that Ate the Fish Tank by Robin C. Patient Expert this was the scourge of fish tanks, but I didn't know how severe a problem this could be. This stuff grows... to the vacant future-Betta tank to keep them alive. At this point, though, I'm willing to cycle the tank...
Betta Picture by Matt FM. Patient Expert Here is a pic of my betta fish in the community tank. Bettas can live with other fish (as mentioned in some of my other articles) without any problems.
Fish Tales by Robin C. Patient Expert Our 10 gallon tank is down to just 4 fish now; the male White Cloud Mountain Minnow died last week... overlooking a fish tank and its residents). The cats had been drinking out of this bowl for months...
New Fish TV Channels by Robin C. Patient Expert in the 5 gallon tank, was a Betta. Yes, this is the fish you always see in those tiny bowls at pet shops... Our fish tank has undergone some unfortunate changes recently. Once I finally learned...
34 playing War, cape cod, fish, depression by Gevera Bert P. Patient Expert , which everyone seems to think is funny because the fish warranty from that pet store is only 24 hours. The betta seemed lonely... all around the tank, and the betta seems to like them: when they are resting he floats right above them. It’s...
PFO, patient identification cards and fish tanks? by David D. Patient ExpertHealth Maven tell you soon how this truth might be getting me in trouble  but for now read Bray’s article on why her fish tank/water heater...
35: vet visits, green playing cards, depressed cats, happy fish by Gevera Bert P. Patient Expert like?) I had to buy another fish tank. The old one I had the betta and his catfish friends in was starting to crack..., along with the heater. So the 2 gallon tank was bare except for the rocks and the 3 fish. The betta would swim...
Where will that new fish tank be located? by Matt FM. Patient Expert When considering buying a new fish tank, consider the space you have available and where the aqauriam will be located. Remember, a tank gets heavy. Water itself is a lot of weight. Add in rocks...
Fish Tank Update by Matt FM. Patient Expert I recently wrote about my trials and frustrations with buying a new fish tank. The tank... calm down a bit. I only lost one fish in the process. The minimal loss is because I used filter media...

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