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Hello, My name is Jaci Olson. I am 20 years old, and I have been over weight all my life. I... More
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Free Diet Plans - The Vice Busting Diet Plans!  I have tried, used, and failed at about... More

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Act happy, feel happy, be happy, without a reason in the world. Then you can love, and do what you will.” DM by Marc V. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Thanks to I had a wonderful piece of Basil Salmon last night. So breakfast/early lunch this morning is left overs made into a salmon salad. Salmon, 2 boiled eggs and a vegenaise mus
happy happy happy by Joan H. Patient Expert to be so much fun... I wonder if DH will let me drive to CA? happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy ...
"Happy People Make People Happy -- But You Can't MAKE Someone Happy." by Gretchen R. Patient Expert : "Happiness doesn't always make me feel happy." I summed up the present line of argument in this way Happy people make people happy -- but you can't make someone happy. What do you think...
"What's THE Key to Happiness?" "What's the Biggest Happiness Myth?" and Other Questions About Happiness. by Gretchen R. Patient Expert to happiness?" As Lytton Strachey observed, "Perhaps the best test of a man's intelligence is his capacity for making a summary." The subject of happiness can feel complex and overwhelming; forcing myself to answer...
Happy Happy Happy by Francine R. Patient Expert ) by visiting the Auction website. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! ...
Happy, Happy, Happy Easter Tme! by Marci L. Healthy Living Professional Well…today is Easter, and I know you’re probably going to be busy with spending time with your family so I’ll make this post fairly quick. It’s not going to be rocket science and you’ve probably heard them before but it’s a
HAPPY. SAD. HAPPY. SAD. HAPPY. SAD. HAPPY. SAD. HAPPY. SAD. HAPPY. SAD. HAPPY. SAD. HAPPY. SAD. HAPPY. SAD. HAPPY. SAD. HAPP by Ulyana C. Healthy Living Professional Eh, this is a hard week. The kind of a week where it feels like I'm not just getting nowhere but am actually moving backwards.This is all emotional nonesense, of course. But it's up and down, up and down, and up and down al
Happy Happy Happy!!! by Margaret Patient Expert I loved this photo, which I found on Internet. Yum yum! Purrfect! Well, it’s going to be 2013 in Italy in about a half hour. I’m getting ready to Skype with Stefano so we can bring in the new year together…Off I go! Have a l
Happy Child - What Makes a Child Happy by Helen Williams Patient ExpertHealth Maven Happy Child What Makes a Happy Child? Helping Our Children Express Their Feelings Parents often say that all they want is for their children to be happy and healthy. As parents...
Are You Happy When You're Happy?... by passion4living Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook Are You Happy When You're Happy? You know when you're happy, and certainly no one has to tell you when you're sad. But what is it that makes a person happy? You might initially think of all kinds...

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