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Darurnhams California
Nothing can be more devastating then spotting wrinkles on your face one fine day. But those who... More
Lana B. Ohio
When contemplating about writing an “about me” section that would talk about my... More
Anvinminter California
When aging tends to wither away all the moisture and nourishments from your skin, add something... More
anita California
i am very depress my head and body hurts i feel weak;i had a miscage about 4 months now;i live... More
pinky11 Chandigarh, IN
Hello Friends I am Daljit from India. I am a yoga and naturopathy enthusiast with a keen... More

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Fighting Gum Disease by AmeriPlan .. Patient Expert bound to teeth that it can only be removed during a professional cleaning. Gingivitis and periodontitis... better brushing and flossing habits can usually reverse gingivitis. Sometimes your dentist...
Raise Your Glass To Fight Gum Disease! by Margaret Patient Expert A lot has been written about the healthful compounds contained in wine, red wine in particular. For us MMers, the most important compound is resveratrol, which is an MM-cell killer in vitro. See my page on resveratrol for m
Fight periodontal disease with pineapples. by Saundra G. Patient Expert found that vitamin C can reduce your risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease. 1. Vitamin C increases increases the body’s ability to fight invading bacteria and other toxins that contribute to gum disease. 2. Vitamin...
Fighting Back Against A Plaque Attack: Part 2 by DentalHealthTeam .. keep straight if you're supposed to have the hard, the soft, the medium. What's the best for fighting plaque..., just feel that they're doing a better job if it's a hard toothbrush. That causes damage to the gingival...
Fighting Back Against A Plaque Attack: Part 1 by DentalHealthTeam .. damage on the gingival tissues. DAVID FOLK THOMAS: We got less than a minute left, any comments...
Health Headlines - August 22 by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven New Chewing Gum Fights Cavities Chewing gum that contains "friendly" lactobacillus bacteria... to the market in 2007, The Herald in the U.K. reported. The strain of lactobacillus in the gum fights...
Fight! Fight! Fight! by Monica LeMoine Patient Expert , if you ask me. Doesn't that make you want to gather around the hallway in highschool and start shouting FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!? The Black-Clad, Pierced-Genitalia KuKd Fighters verus Pale-Moon-Faced Anonymous...
Fight the Good Fight: Feel Full or Feel Fat by Israel L. Patient ExpertHealth Maven . Fighting the temptation of high-fat and high-calorie food can be tough for anyone. But once... yourself to a sugary snack from time to time, and your cravings for those kinds of foods will not be as hard to fight...
A new fight to fight...Pelvic Floor Dysfunction by The Body Chronic .. Patient Expert So, as I mentioned in my first post, I went to see a urologist that specializes in IC this morning. I went out a little less of an IC patient and a lot more of a pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) patient. To be honest, I ha
Please Keep Fighting the Good Fight! by Angela W. Patient Expert Lin Wessels has written an open letter to Senator John McCain asking him to keep fighting... Keep Fighting the Good Fight" and add your signature to the letter! Thank you Lin! Autism Salutes...

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