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Blessedmommieof3 California
I'm a 33 year old mom of 3 boys.  I was first dignosed with a FAI and labral tear in Jan... More
Evie California
 I am a 57 year very married mother of two adult children. My health issues are acid reflux... More
Dawn W. Wake Forest, North Carolina
CHERUBS - The Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research, Awareness and... More
papa California
im  a 63 yr old male smoked for 50 yrs (quit now)had respiratory failure in 2005 when i... More
ingrid houchin Oxted, UK
Mummy to Alina Houchin, dob 19/12/2008, diagnosed with congenital diaphramatic hernia at... More

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Hernia’s and Things to Know by Dr. Daniel Kalish Doctor of Chiropracty There are many things to think about when it comes to dealing with a hernia. First off, there are many kinds: hiatal, epigastric, spigelian, inguinal femoral, and inguinal scrotal. Secondly, most MD’s...
Inguinal hernia by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert close after birth in female babies. In fact, women are more likely to develop hernias in the femoral... Inguinal hernias occur when part of the intestine protrudes through a weak spot in the abdomen...
New Study Reconfirms Long-Term Strength of Biodesign™ Hernia Graft – Cook Medical by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven of the Biodesign Hernia Graft for incisional, umbilical, inguinal, femoral and parastomal hernias in potentially or... as Biodesign and have many applications. Biodesign products are used for procedures such as:  Hernia...
I'm not a surgeon but in my training as a family physician who assisted in hernia repairs, I never heard of a hernia repair on one side causing a hernia on the other.  However, folks who have a hernia...
Hernia Surgeon explains the procedures Diagnosing Hernias by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook the different types of hernias and the best methods for fixing them.  He describes how a hernia is quite simply... for this is that in these circumstances the pressure inside the abdomen goes up and pushes the hernia contents out through the defect...
Several things could be going on: 1.  You may mean your femoral artery not vein.  The artery lies just under the skin in your groin.  If you've had valve surgery, you've probably had a catheterization to look...
An acquired umbilical hernia can result from increased intra-abdominal pressure caused by obesity, heavy lifting, a long history of coughing, or multiple pregnancies.  
What type of hernia was repaired?  Can you provide a better description of the black lump you are now seeing?  Then, perhaps a better answer will be possible. Helpful Buckeye
That depends on the type and size of hernia you're describing.  Most hernias represent... that are imminent, you mainly need to watch your cat closely for any sign that the hernia has grown suddenly...
These sorts of things need diagnosis by healthcare practitioners and yoga teachers do not diagnose nor are we considered to be trained "healthcare" professionals, generally speaking. Once you have a diagnosis AND you've chose

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Treatment ... ible or needs to be delayed. It should not be used to support a femoral hernia as it can lead to a strangulated hernia. ... » Read on
Introduction ... develop a hernia in their groin are male. Femoral A femoral hernia occurs most commonly in over- weight women. Part ... » Read on