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Female Reproductive Pictures

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bribri California
I'm Bri and I'm from NY. I'm a mature, independent, mature, lesbian female with a great scene of... More
Keli Roberts California
Keli Roberts is the recipient of the 2003 IDEA International Fitness Instructor of the Year... More
Sherry J. Marietta, Georgia
I guess I uploaded a picture too small for the size that is allowed. Sorry for the blur, it's not... More
Casper Knoxville, Tennessee
Am a retired attorney assistant.  I live in Knoxville but my heart is in Chattannoga. ... More
Gail Sexton Anderson San Rafael, California
Gail Sexton Anderson, Ed.M., has dedicated her career to helping intended parents from all walks... More

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Frankencrotch: Why Limit Female Genital Surgery to Labiaplasty? – Picture Alert by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven This woman e-mailed to call our attention to a nightmare “designer vaginal rejuvenation” she had. She herself called her privates a “frankencrotch” before she was repaired: It has been about 2 years since I had my s
Earth Summit Delegates Refuse to Recognize Women's Reproductive Rights by Diane Patient Expert does it have to lobby against women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights? (Musimbi Kanyoro is pictured at left... and reproductive health, and women’s empowerment in the primary summit agreements. This refusal to acknowledge...
Menopause puzzle; what's the real picture? by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional With the aging of baby boomers, about 2 million U.S. women a year are now entering menopause, which signals the end of their reproductive life. That's about 180,000 women a month, or about 6,000 a day...
Surrogacy and Embryo, Sperm, & Egg Donation: What Were You Thinking?: Considering IVF & Third-Party Reproduction by Theresa M. E by Sharon LaMothe Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook Donation: What Were You Thinking?: Considering IVF & Third-Party Reproduction by Theresa M. Erickson... is key when considering any third party reproduction route and there are several books out on the market...
Top 8 Movie Ass-Kicking Females by Kymberli Patient Expert and there are only eight because I got too lazy to sit here and think up a list of ten. But, here is my list of female... in which it was said, I think this is my favorite kick-ass female movie quote ever.  She overcame politics, scandal...
10 Very Sexy Female Robots by netventures Patient Expert What is it about sexy robots? They seem to be everywhere nowadays, including Bruce Willis’ latest movie Surrogates. To properly honor the sexy bot phenomenon, our friends over at Asylum UK have come up with a snazzy list
Speedo Pictures by Kendall G. Patient Expert OK, let it never be said that this blog isn't all about you, the reader. Also let it never be said that I'm not a sucker for female persuasion. By popular demand, I give you a red Speedo picture...
Day 17 - A picture of your favourite song. by Alice V. Patient Expert This is one of my favourite CD's. It's a local female rock artist. My favourite track on the CD...... Found the song as it is on the CD on You Tube, but someone used it as background for their pictures, so images...
Pictures of my Sweet Preemies by Stefanie .. Patient Expert milk, when I can't pump next to my twins, I've needed to look at pictures of them on my computer to get the milk flowing. At first it was good enough to bring up a mental picture of them in my mind and fantasize...
Reproductive History and Breast Cancer Risk by Reproductive History and Breast Cancer Risk Key Points The hormonal changes... by her ovaries ( endogenous estrogen and progesterone ). Reproductive factors that increase the duration and/or...

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