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jana r. California
I have gone to the dogs! :-) Graphic designer by profession, I became a dog mama by design. My... More
smurfette31 California
My neck is killing me and i know i have swollin limpnodes around my neck and my throt hurts and... More
Giselle Wellington/NZ, NZ
Hello all! Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Giselle, I am in my mid thirties... More
glowzz Asheville, North Carolina
I am soon to be 51 year old female in search of bioidentical hormones that I can buy online since... More
Greg J. Stanford, California
We stay busy with: 5 cats 2 dogs 3 horses & 3 goldfish........... And if course I'd like to... More

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also a slight possibility that the dog may not have testicles or that he may have both female and male... have a hereditary component, I wouldn't breed this dog. If that's the case and  because retained testicles...
Internal bleeding may be fast or slow, but fast usually occurs within a day or so. One way to determine blood loss is to monitor the color of your dogs gums or the conjuctiva (soft tissue) lining...
Dog Dominance Behavior – Female Dog Mounting Behavior by heru m. Patient Expert it if you cannot finish it, or you will make it much worse. So, what is the true story about dog humping women, female dog mounting behavior, and related dog instinctive behaviors? A female client of mine asked: “Is my dog...
Prevent Canine Overpopulation by Spaying and Neutering Dogs by heru m. Patient Expert Spaying for female dogs and neutering for male dogs refer to procedures which sterilize them and prevent them from reproducing. In female dogs, the uterus and ovaries are removed. In male dogs...
. Dogs whose nails are on the long side may get them caught in carpet loops and pull or split them; the dewclaws (smaller nails on the sides of the paws) may get injured by branches or other objects the dog...
versus that of the dog, erect and vertical vs. horizontal, your comparison of a "falling" urinary bladder in the dog is very unlikely to occur.  It's not impossible, but very unlikely. There are several unanswered...
how many people don't properly housetrain little dogs based on the belief that they're too little as puppies to go outside when it's cold/at night/when it's raining, etc. The longer they put it off, the more the dog gets...
did you ever figure out what happened?  my dog just died....but very quickly and painfully......bleeding and bruising from everywhere.....11 years old.....and i didn't notice anything until  frequent...
It sounds like she's prolapsing part of her vagina as a result of the effect of her hormones on that tissue. In that case, it won't shrink until the hormones responsible for it decline. Given the amount of tissue exposed, the
As a general rule, most dogs can run into problems chewing on bones.  The bones frequently already have sharp edges on them and the dog can surely break off sharp fragments while chewing on the bone...

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Symptoms ... ent and severe. Vaginal bleeding Vaginal bleeding is oft ... » Read on
Causes ... l may cause spotting between periods and an IUD can cause heavy bleeding. Small bleeds, known as breakthrough bleeds, are common ... » Read on