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Sarah Galway, IE
Hi All!! I'm Sarah and I'm 31 years of age. I don't have any children but I do have a beautiful... More
kasielove Pensacola, Florida
My name is Kasie. It started when I was 12 years old and in 7th grade. I developed a large goiter... More
rsantos ogden, Utah
I was a flight medic in the air force and was deployed for over a year.  I gained a bunch of... More
Jessie Ann James California
My name is Jessie James and I run a health blog at  I strive to learn... More
octobersky97 Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
I am 42 yrs. old I live in beautiful Coeur D'Alene, ID I am married and have a 12 yr. old... More

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Figure Out How You Feel & What You’re Experiencing With a Feelings Diary by NML Patient Expert I experienced and encountered with so many others is that we don’t really understand our feelings and connect.... This may be because we are out of touch with our feelings and not used to vocalising and validating how we feel...
Hope and Elation - Frustration and Anger – Fear and Loathing: The Contrasting Emotional Responses to the Revolutionary Dis by stuart Patient Expert see CCSVI as a huge breakthrough for understanding and treating MS and had an initial feeling of unbridled elation that finally there was some real hope for an effective treatment on the horizon. I expect...
Who Decides How You Feel? by Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D. Patient Expert to see if shamans there can cure him - you may feel elated at the end of the film when you hear..., and held their hand. Feeling elated at the end of the two movies about autism is obviously...
You Feel What You Eat Certain Fo... by Jeff C. Healthy Living Professional You Feel What You Eat Certain Foods May Have Direct Impact on Emotional State Food, glorious... and negative feelings about food." The most effective way to stabilize mood is to eat a balanced diet...
Feeling Sick and Sorry for Myself by Jamie L. Patient Expert pregnant with our second child. Although elated and eagerly anticipating the new arrival in May, constant..., I still feel like vomiting from morning until night with no relief. Even worse are the days spent with my head...
The Plants Are All Dead---And I Don't Feel So Good Myself... by Bo .. Patient Expert I would be called "whiny", "melodramatic", and self-pitying. Feel free to think those definitions of me--but I went... even feel "real" (what they call dissociaton. ) During those times, I worked on autopilot...
"When I Feel Stuck or Stumped, I Go For a Stroll." by Gretchen R. Patient Expert makes you happier? Jonah: I'm a walker. When I feel stuck or stumped or stressed, I go for a stroll... this point with my Secret of Adulthood : Happy doesn't always make you feel happy...
How Do People With Alzheimer’s Really Feel? by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert . Many have focused specifically on what it feels like to be a caregiver. We can feel contentedness, pride and joy. We can feel elated whenever we make a meaningful connection with our loved one. We can also feel sadness...
Finally Fed Up of Feeling Fat by Jeff A. Healthy Living Professional than ever before. She felt elated and relieved. She knew she was going to be successful because she felt different...
Hmmm . . . not sure what's going on.  Infection?  Abscess (pus pocket)?  Simple dryness & irritation from breathing thru your mouth while sleeping due to stuff nose?  Bad heartburn?  Foreign body (did you choke on anything in

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Symptoms ... loss of interest in everyday activities, feelings of emptiness or worthlessness, fee ... » Read on
Risks ... or psychological, problems. However, some women can experience feelings of sadness, or guilt, after anabortion, and postabortio ... » Read on