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Elika A. ATLANTA, California
Elika came to the path of yoga in 2000 by chance when she injured her back and was looking for... More
TheSaladGirl Sunnyvale, California
I'm a food/yoga/life blogger. I love to eat, and I love eating things that make me feel great.... More
barbarads Hillsboroughg, New Jersey
Mom, Grandmom, Lover, Friend...on the road to reclaim my health and vitality thru healthy... More
Vanessa W. St. Louis, Missouri
I'm an artist at heart stuck in the tech world during the day. I love to create! I also feel... More
Marlene California
LeanSpa Acai is an amazing weight loss system that combines all well-tested and top grade... More

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Paresthesia or Pins and Needles? by Vicki B. Patient Expert to say "I have a prickly feeling in my arm," or even "My leg feels like pins and needles." I choose to think Pins and Needles Day recognizes MSers who have that feeling every once in awhile. Maybe...
Pins and Needles by Carrots 'N' Cake Patient Expert why I could feel some needles more than others. Here’s what she said: Your body is made up of an energy called qi.... I feel like I eat more peanut butter now that I know this food brainchild exists. I finish my jars...
On Pins and Needles During the Holiday with a Loved One with Dementia by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert such as Alzheimer's in the family, do you find yourself on pins and needles with the approaching holidays... those pins and needles, keep your loved one safe and happy, and for all of you to survive the holiday...
Pins & Needles - Or Just Needles? by Vicki B. Patient Expert A study in Nottingham University in the UK compared the effect of different acupuncture types on quality of life in secondary progressive MS. The two types are Chinese Medical and Minimal Acupuncture. The study focus
It’s Such a Good Feeling! by Kim F. Patient Expert By Contributing Writer Needles ‘n Pens   The age range of blood donors at a Red Cross... twenties. I’ve met wonderful people at each drive. I’ve always gone home with a feeling of satisfaction...
Hi Kim, Of course you need to first rule out anything medical - note when he complains, and what he was doing before the complaint - running, sitting, etc.  Does he complain upon waking?  Does the pain waken him at night? 
Can’t Feel My Legs by Jenna .. Healthy Living Professional , push-ups and side planks. By the end of the 45 minutes I couldn’t feel my low body any more…or my arms...
Merelye Me's Corner - "The Human Pin-Cushion" by stuart Patient Expert our category links for Merely Me. The Human Pin-cushion -- By Merely Me November 10, 2008 I wrote... me...this was no time saver. Now I am not fond of needles but I have certainly had IV's before and so I just closed...
It Isn't Nice to Keep Elders on Pins and Needles by Ronni B. Patient Expert budgets, on pins and needles about what changes are coming and leave them to worry about what it will cost...
Pins and Needles by UncommonJulia Patient Expert I knocked the test project out of the park.  They showed the end result to their client who raved so much that the company is going to use their comments as testimonials for their own promotions! Yesterday I submitted my pr

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