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Kelly San Francisco, California
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Lucy J. San Mateo, California
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Heather Z. Portland, Oregon
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Huginabelyi California
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Rick G. New Haven, Connecticut
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the duration and the fact that you're also complaining of itchiness and nasal drainage, I wonder...
Hey Rebecca, Whatever the reason that is causing you itch in your heart-I do not know. Have you consulted with your family physician? Do that first. After that you can practice daily : Nadi Shodhana or Anulom-Vilom Pranay
How prednisone makes me feel some days. by Katie C. Patient Expert : prednisone (for the umpteenth time) Anyway. A friend* sent me this Saturday Night Live link and it really cracked me up because it is how I often feel on prednisone—murderous, with a pink axe. Too funny
Lupus & The Itchy Scalp! by TiffanyAndLupus Patient Expert about battling a itchy scalp, please feel free to share! Hope I was able to help! As always keep in touch... for me unless I want to moan & groan about the horrors of being a "itchy scalped victim"! About a few months ago I woke...
Itchy, Itchy by Cyborg Queen Patient Expert The bandages are so itchy!!! Driving me up the wall. I found some anti-itch cream, and put... in my arm once, a while ago, I could FEEL the catheter, and had to ask the nurse to move it to my hands...
Your head normally hurts when you cough because coughing is known to raise the pressure inside your head, which sometimes results in pain. Some try taking lemon or a mixture of honey and white pepper powder to stop this condi
out what's going on - perhaps you developed bronchitis after your cold.    I hope you're feeling better...
How often are you coughing? Often a cough during pregnancy is a symptom of an illness, such as allergies or a cold.  Do you have any other symptoms? The bubbling feeling when you cough is normal.  A lot...
My scalp was feeling rather it ... by Tina G. Patient Expert   My scalp was feeling rather itchy and I was convinced that my head was covered in those horrid, little bugs whose name makes you itch all over but I realised that it was just a bad case of dry scalp
11 Week Big Bump, and Feeling Cow Like by Tiffany Snook Patient Expert Last night the bump just popped after dinner, I was feeling insecure about it and have been feeling so frumpy (so of course we had to take pictures). I am planning to get dolled up a few times...

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Complications ... und 16 weeks of pregnancy. Ways to reduce the feelings of nausea and prevent vomiting include: ... » Read on
Treatment ... ain anesthetic can help to ease your pain, and sooth burning or itchy skin. However, these creams should only be used over a sho ... » Read on