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The dizziness can definitely be due to the muscle.  One specific example I see is the SCM muscle... of neurologic symptoms.  Most likely if you resolve the neck pain you will fix the dizziness....
now and its started with' only 'dizziness but recently this confusion and the very strong feeling of pass out even... on for a couple of months now. I suddenly get dizzy and feel nauseas like I'm going to faint. Have been to doctors...
Feeling Dizzy or Nauseous? Maybe it's all in your "ear"... by stuart Patient Expert information about equilibrium and motion, often resulting in dizziness, vertigo, balance problems...). In addition, the person may develop new patterns of head and body movement in an attempt to avoid dizziness...
Feeling Dizzy? by Lacie H. Patient Expert "Put you feet together, hold your arms at shoulder level, clasp you hands together and close your eyes". Those were the most hopeful, beautiful words I have heard in a long time! I was at the ENT (ear nose and throat doc)
. Anger, extreme dizziness, brain zaps (sort of an electric shock feeling in your head), nausea, extreme... I have been tapering off Pristiq for what feels like ever now. I have tapered from 300 to 200...
Dizziness by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven I have been getting that dizzy feeling again, like I'm on a boat. Felt it last night on the couch and then when I went to bed and then again this morning in the shower and again on the couch. Its very strange...
I am not sure what you mean by gas "emitting" form  here eyes.  If this is something you and she can see - you really need to alert her personal physician about this. Dizziness can come from a number...
Dizziness is a common side effect of dialantin along with headache, mild nervousness, nausea, trouble sleeping and vomiting.  
Is there a free care clinic in your area? I have no insurance. I'm thinking about going to try to donate blood (which I've done MANY times) since they check your iron level before you donate. That can rule one thing out I gue
Dealing with Dizziness by Tracii H. If you feel dizzy or nauseous during or after a workout of any kind, lie down. Do not sit or stand... exception is when you’re feeling weak, dizzy or nauseous. Make sure to check with a doctor afterward...

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