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A horrible reality: Fast food advertisements and reality by Mary .. Patient Expert My six year old is very attracted to advertisements but thank God not those of food... and to many it plays a major role in decision making. Now this reality is very horribly wrong with fast food
Fast Cash, Not Fast Food by Pattie B. Patient Expert advertising that week's fundraisers at a variety of fast food restaurants. It sickens me that the PTAs don't see the insidious ways that these junk food advertisers have infiltrated the schools...
DOES FAST FOOD = FAST BEHAVIOUR? by Nick B. Patient Expert As a means of quickly satisfying those hunger pangs when time is of a premium, fast food... speed. Now in a new study scientists suggest that fast food can cause you to become more impatient, seek...
Avoid Unhealthy Junk with a Fast-Food Reality Check by Kim K. Patient Expert We already know to expect less than what's advertised in most places...and going for junk food is no exception. LEFT IMAGE: Advertised. RIGHT: What you get. OR More disgusting comparisons
Top 10 Fast Foods in Disguise by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional that made it onto our Top 10 Junk Foods in Disguise list last week these fast food joints understand that it is the pretense... alternative to fast food. And yes, we’ll hand it to them: A sandwich with lean deli meats and a few veggies...
Fast Food Chain To Shutdown Promotion of Soda by Len S. Patient Expert with Happy Meals describes how the fast-food will stop promoting soda as an option with Happy Meals..., and after years of pressure to improve the health of food choices available in children’s Happy Meals, McDonald’s...
Fast Food Nation Building- Preschoolers Prefer McDonalds by MC Milker Healthy Living Professional to aid in the campaign against advertising of unhealthy food on television, advertisers... Foods Tastes Better With McDonald's Logo, Kids Say blare the headlines today. This hardly strikes...
20 tactics to kill the fast food habit by Metroknow A. Patient Expert how we try to rationalize it. Believe me - I’ve tried. 6.Reduce your exposure to fast food advertising.This is going... This is part three of the series, “How I quit eating fast food”. If you enjoy this post, please...
Nice Try, Wendy: Fast Food Trying to Re-Brand Itself As Healthy by Stephanie C. Patient ExpertHealth Maven shows every Tuesday night which means we were hit with a full assault of fast food advertising. And I noticed... enough to live in a little fast food-free bubble of a neighborhood in gentrified Brooklyn so I've been able...
SPECIAL REPORT: Should We Ban Fast Food by Davalos & McCormack. Healthy Living Professional such as limiting advertising on TV, so there are no fast food ads during times when children are most likely... a lovely long article to keep you going till then. Should we ban fast food or at least place restrictions...

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