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Emese Toth Budapest, HU
hotyoga Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ANAD Highland Park, Illinois
It all began with the love of a mother for her daughter. In the early 1970's, Vivian Meehan,... More
Ryanernedly California
Weight loss has become a serious concern for many and folks are actually trying their heart out... More
Amyjo J. San Francisco, California
I'm a Nutritionist who's passionate about food and thinks of it as a powerful preventative... More

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Famous People with Myeloma by Teresa K. Patient Expert With the recent death of Peter Boyle, Richard and I were trying to think of other celebrities either dead or alive who have mm. The list is short. We welcome your contributions. Dr. Mel Geraldine Ferraro Mickey Hargitay Sam
AIDS Activist Allen Huff dies of a HIV drug side effect by Nelson V. Patient Expert no one else has to die of this slow death. I have received emails in the past from people... My friend, Allen Huff, died on Friday. He battled portal hypertension caused by Videx (DDI...
Famous People with Lupus by Carla U. Patient Expert people to know about it.  Some say Anna Nicole Smith had it, but she never admitted it. And I'm pretty.... There has been some progress since this original post, where I discuss why people are so hesitant to admit to the diagnosis...
FAMOUS PEOPLE WITH EPILEPSY by Serene L. Patient Expert due to an assumption that these were attacks of delirium tremens . He died after an epileptic seizure aged 51.... She died from asphyxiation after a grand mal seizure while asleep...
Far too many New Yorkers are being infected with HIV and dying of AIDS. by Visual AIDS Patient Expert to die of AIDS than white men; black women are 9 times more likely to die of AIDS than white women. Hispanic men and women are 4 times more likely to die of AIDS than white men and women. Continue reading here. ...
Proof of progress on AIDS: HIV positive people will now be able to buy life insurance by David W. Patient Expert to the Daily Telegraph ( Insurer offers life cover to people with Aids virus ) The policy – from PruProtect... Life insurance companies aren’t in the business of issuing policies for people who are likely...
About Ntwakgolo Support Group (People living with AIDS) by Pedro M. Patient Expert .  They have come together to support each other and to educate others about HIV/AIDS.  HIV/AIDS continues to carry stigma and people.... This is an appropriate name for this battle that is being waged against HIV/AIDS in Nata.  Ntwakgolo Support Group...
NY Magazine: Who Still Dies of AIDS, and Why by Visual AIDS Patient Expert of people dying or sick or disfigured from AIDS, maybe you’re more careful than if you came of age... medicine…"Who Still Dies of AIDS, and Why" One of the ironies of the success of HAART...
Do More People Die Around the Holidays? by Carol O'Dell Patient Expert Do more people die around the holidays? Yes, sadly they do–at least hospice numbers reflect...–and grieving starts long before your loved one dies. A dear friend of mine worries if her dad...
AAC’s Public Policy Director testifies against budget cuts that would hurt people living with HIV/AIDS by Paul T. Patient Expert are some of the people at highest risk for HIV infection.  Nearly 50% of people who died from HIV/AIDS complications.../AIDS in Massachusetts we must ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS and those at risk have access...

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Complications ... ions , such as toxoplasmosis. People with advanced HIV also have a higher risk of developing s ... » Read on
Facts ... . The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 33 million people around the world are currently infected with HIV. It is a ... » Read on