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Megan Hession, MA California
I am honored to be a fellow traveler on your healing journey. My practice focuses on working... More
jan christensen California
had lilyette strapless bra cause chondritis which is an inflmatiion caused by stress or pressure... More
My name is Chris Hempel. In October 2007, my husband and I received life-threatening news about... More
Robezipqupin California
Trim Fusion, or detoxification, is the removal of toxic substances from the body. The liver and... More
KatAttack Galt, California

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Passing out or losing consciousness is always a serious problem! Anyone who experiences such episodes should see their doctor to evaluate for more serious conditions. Your eye problem also sounds potentially serious - you sho
What happens during an anxiety attack? by David M. Patient Expert I have fainted 2 times within the past 3 months and I noticed that both times I was with people who I did NOT feel comfortable around. Im thinking it was just an anxiety attack. Is that something to worry...
How to Help When Someone Faints by HealthyAging .. ANNOUNCER: You may have heard that this is one of the things you should do if you feel faint. But do you know why? SCOTT CARUTHERS, FIRST AID EXPERT : The whole reason behind becoming faint is insufficient...
Fainting, Politics and Painting by Kate K. Patient Expert on him. A nurse took me aside and said that my brother had fainted after his blood was drawn. She took... and then went and got us lunch to eat at his house. I worried a little about him fainting...
Falls, faints and cardiac arrest by Stuart G. Patient Expert : 1 Chest pain; 1 Cardiac arrest; 1 Faint; 1 Fractured arm; 1 Eye injury. Frosty and cold today... who’d fainted and was recovering in a bar. Her husband and family was on scene...
Dotty Faints, Did I Panic? Should I Blame Myself? by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert over six years ago Dotty was standing near the door to our home and she said, I am going to faint. I went over and put my arm under her arm, and sure enough she fainted . Down she goes, I put her down nice and easy...
Fits and faints by Stuart G. Patient Expert ; 1 Abdo pain; 1 Faint; 1 eTOH fit. The whole of the morning disappeared in a flash as I ran... after all, who knows? A 45 year-old fainted at work and lay in the reception area with colleagues...
out counter, along with the fear that you are about to faint, have a heart attack, or have an overwhelming... amount of information, possibly enough to induce a panic attack!   Nervousness and sweaty palms...
Heart Attack Signs and Hollywood by Barbara Ficarra Registered NurseHealth Maven are symptoms of a heart attack?" "Do you think feeling weak, lightheaded or faint are symptoms of a heart...% of the respondents were aware that feeling weak, lightheaded or faint are symptoms of a  heart attack; 92...
Panic Attacks May Reveal Previously Unsuspected Chronic Disseminated Lyme Disease by Dr. Virginia S. Medical Doctor antimicrobial medications for their tick-borne infections, all three patients have become free of panic attacks... because they had suddenly developed severe panic attacks. Each patient previously had believed...

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Causes ... w down and lowers the blood pressure. It is called a vaso-vagal attack and is triggered by intense stress, fear or pain, ... » Read on
Causes ... serious illnesses , or conditions, such as a heart attack, or adrenal gland failure, ... » Read on