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davidelliot Whitianga, NZ
My Story   I was taken to hospital mid December 2007 aged 45 due to having a grand mal... More
Michele Tomecko California
I am a mom to 8 beautiful children, 7 here on earth and one in Heaven. I have a bicornuate uterus... More
Keiko Y. Houston, Texas
I am a student at the Univ. of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, School of Public... More
Devidoshoo California
The ingredients in cream are scientifically proven skincare technology which includes a Face... More
natashatygart California
A profile of an art, designer and a web enthusiast, who is passionate about all things design... More

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I'm not a physician but have dealt with swellings of my own or my sons - even my dog :D.  If you are otherwise healhty it may have been an insect bite or an allergic reaction to  some food you ate.  Also - our bodies are not
just sometimes? I can tell you from my own experience my face sweels in the morning mostly from allergies. I sneeze, wheeze and after I sit upright...
I'm not a dermatologist but the thing I would try to avoid is an steroid cream.  These are available over-the-counter without a prescription as hydrocortisone.  The problem is that these may thin out your skin and possible le
Itchy Face by Romelette L. Patient Expert here at home. lol. And while I am doing my research, I cannot help but scratch my face. I know...
Levindale Auxiliary’s Face-To-Face Event Puts Smiles on Residents’ Faces by Elizabeth Leis Patient Expert for the Levindale Auxiliary’s annual Face-To-Face Purim event. He taught residents and their families how to twirl...
Snacks and Coffee in Your Face by Vanessa R. Patient Expert A sip of coffee and a bite of a donut all in one hand!  This Face Mug features a big mouth space to hold any combination of liquid and snack.  It would be perfect for milk and Oreos
Pillow Face by OnlyNatureBlog Patient Expert If you struggle with a puffy face in the morning, there are a few things... that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients in your pillow or duvet. Finally, wash your face with cool...
Smaller Face by Romelette L. Patient Expert I am happy that swelling of my face has subsided. Oh yes, the water retention problem... of the many not so good side effects of prednisone is the water retention. That’s why I have a huge face and big...
Boomers Face Housing Crunch by John A. Patient Expert That Baby Boomers are swelling the ranks of older Americans is well-documented, but do we really understand the consequences of this important shift for the housing needs of older adults? A new report from the Center
Type A Rehabber Forced to Face Facts by Francine H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven my legs at the knee. This may be forever. This means I can't do "cow-face" pose. I asked.... Whirlow looked at my still-swollen leg and told me it might be swollen for a year. Who knew? She looked...

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Symptoms ... is creates the characteristic 'hamster' appearance of a swollen face, particularly just below, and in front of, the ear. The swe ... » Read on
Symptoms ... or feeling faint, difficulty swallowing, or a swollen face or mouth. Call 911 for an ambulance immediately as ... » Read on