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I’ve Got A Stye In My Eye And I Think I’m Going To Cry! by k Patient Expert Ever heard that before? If not, I’m sure sometime in your life you’ve got a stye in your eye... Tags: eye care., eye stye, how do I treat a stye, Stye, vision health, what causes a stye...
KULITI: Sty in the Eye by Anthony R. Patient Expert There’s a stigma attached to having “kuliti” (hodeolum or sty) in the eye..., you are a “Peeping Tom.” Well, there might be a medical basis on this accusation as you might be putting your eye...
Bumps on the eyelid are typically either chalazion or hordeolum (stye).  The former are painless while the latter are painful and can be either internal or external.  It's imperative that you go see your eye doctor ASAP
An Eye Sty by Stephanie B. Patient Expert thought about waking up. The trip to the Dr. Eye's office was relatively quiet.... He has a girlfriend. Then Dr. Eyes came in. And we briefly talked about the upcoming heart surgery...
Is A Mascara Allergy Causing My Stye? by Sarah B. Patient Expert doesn’t go away. Have YOU ever had a stye caused by eye make up? Leave a comment and share... like thing in my lower lashes every now and then. This morphed into an occasional stye type sore near...
such that it sounds like both eyes are involved.  If the haze you are describing is on the surface of both eyes... into the eye, it could be coming from cataracts on the lenses. Either way, get those eyes examined...
that you are supposed to go to.. LOL Yes, blurred vision in one or both eyes is a common symptom of Multiple Sclerosis. I think what you are reading is about Optic Neuritis. Optic Neuritis is mostly common to be in one eye...
You should be reluctant to use any preparation for the eyes unless you have been directed... could cause even worse problems with the eye than the apparent infection you are describing...
Since you have indicated that this only involves just one of his eyes, this irritation..., or his eye has been bumped or abraided by something.  Any of those can cause a reddening of the white...
get this in your dog's eyes. That could create more problems than the scratch itself. If the scratch is in the delicate...

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Complications ... s, until your symptoms are under control. Dry eye syndrome Dry eye syndrome is a common comp ... » Read on
Introduction ... Blepharitis is a condition where the rims of the eyelids become inflamed. This can cause your eyes to become red, ... » Read on