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Neck Pain & Eye Pain From Using the Computer: The CVS Syndrome by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook often, chances are you have experienced this at some point. What is the CVS Syndrome? It's a new term that eye care professionals are using to explain eye strain symptoms that are common among office workers...
) while you are awaiting a diagnosis.  Good luck -   Cascia, Since you don't know what's causing this eye and head pain... flashes on the side of my eyes, also some illusions. i had this for more than 15 mins, then a severe...
What did the opticians tell you? Did your vision get worse?  How often does the stinging pain occur? 
Hi, Lizmap, The pain behind your left eye at first made me think sinus or migraine pain, but the ear pain makes it sound like sinuses or an infection.  You should go to your doctor so that she or
I doubt you have an abcess which might lead to fevers, sweats & chills.  Without those symptoms, most likely you're facing a lipoma, cyst, or maybe even an inflamed bursae, eg bursitis..  Best to go see your family doc for fu
Fix everyday back pain by Shelley F. Healthy Living Professional Even the fittest individuals know the inconvenience of back pain. Though it seems to pop...: Harmful housework Cleaning high windows or tub corners can be murder on your back. “Bending, reaching...
right. I feel deformed. Just typing this post I have tears in my eyes from the pain. If it were constant... tail (high or tight) besides this i feel pain in my eyes too. i want to know which disease...
Neck Pain and Pilates Exercise by Aliesa George Patient Expert for us and them, when problems or pain lingers longer than we think it should.  Chances are if a client walked through your door with pain, and it’s been there awhile – making changes isn’t going to happen overnight!  But generally...
Pretty But Painful: Pierced Eye Glasses by Sarah B. Patient Expert it should do something. Case in point, the weirdest vision care product ever: Pierced Eye Glasses! That’s right, these glasses.... On the other hand, we believe that the words “pierced” and “eye” should never be used to describe the same product...
Reduce Computer Eye Strain, Computer-Related Pain: VuRyte Document Holder by Nicole M. Physical TherapistHealth Maven you keep your eye-placement on spreadsheets and fine print, this feature significantly reduces computer-related eye strain and Ergonomic Eye Problems. *It has a heavy duty clip that holds books and bound materials...

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Prevention ... the computer every hour. You need to make sure that you are at eye level with the computer screen, and that it is directly in f ... » Read on
Introduction ... rfecta (affects the bones), Marfan Syndrome (affects the heart, eyes and blood vessels) and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. There are ma ... » Read on