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Micheline S. Sudbury, Massachusetts
Hello:  I am a divorced mother of 2 beautiful girls, ages 3 and 15, and I accidentally... More
matthecocki California
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Jan California
I'm a Georgia native, mother of four grown children (last one in college) and three small... More
Drew's Dad . Columbus, Ohio
I am the father of Drew, a boy who was born profoundly deaf in both ears. He received... More
Becci D. California
Army wife,living at Fort  lewis  Washington. Mom of 3 beautiful children. Two girls, One... More

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Is making ear impressions for in ear monitors (IEMs) different than making ear impressions for hearing aids? by Danielle N. Patient Expert Again, Another interesting article about IEM ( In- Ear Monitor). I had to copy and paste it because the direct website wouldn't link for some reason. Ear Impressions for In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Systems...
EAR HEMATOMAS...EXCESS BAGGAGE FOR THE EAR by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven , foreign bodies in the external ear canal, auto-immune disorders, and possibly genetic defects involving.... Upon further inspection, you feel, then see, a sausage-like swelling on his ear flap. You and your dog have just entered...
eXternal Version and Beautiful Birth Story by Sheridan Ripley Patient Expert I was so happy when I reader offered to share her story of her external version for my X day... was almost derailed by a breech baby, but how an external version helped her baby turn head down.  She went...
?tɪnɪtÉ?s/,[1] from the Latin word for "ringing"[2]) is the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound. Tinnitus can be perceived in one or both ears or in the head...
This is a question best directed to the General Medicine forum, however, there are no bones in the external parts of the ear, including the lobes, only cartilage. Best wishes Ian
I agree that this sounds like something more than an external ear infection. It could be middle or inner ear involvment or something else. For sure, I'd call the veterinarian and describe this change.
Ear Diagram – For the Gossipmonger in you… by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert , middle and external ear. It shouldn't be so surprising since the cow has several stomachs... at the ear diagram closely, you'll the find the aforementioned parts. The part known as the "external ear...
EAR PROBLEMS IN DOGS--CLASSIC AND OTHERWISE by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven to as an "ear infection", is an ear condition characterized by inflammation of the external ear canal... discharge from the ear • Pain when you manipulate the ear • Redness and swelling of the external ear...
Canine Ear Care by heru m. Patient Expert of the external ear canal and otitis media, infection of the middle ear, are usually caused by bacteria or yeast... healthy. How to Administer Ear Drops or Ointment to Dogs •   Clean the external ear...
Swimmer’s Ear by Lucky V. Patient Expert in the pool, let’s take a look into alternative treatments for “swimmer’s ear.” Otitis Externa, also known as Swimmer’s Ear, is the inflammation or infection of the external ear canal. Repeated exposure to water...

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