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Hunger Needs and Control Over Eating by Doctor of Philosophy is that it is very, very difficult to know when you’re hungry. Hunger should be identifiable as a pattern of bodily sensations, which are caused by a biological need for food. When hunger is researched, however, only a small percentage...
I Hunger …. No More by Mark Brown Patient Expert Bronner Jr. Audio Post (my voice): I once hungered for wealth and the more money and things I accumulated the more my hunger grew. I once hungered for validation and the more validation I received...
Excess Baggage by Angie All The Way Patient Expert I woke up this morning without my appetite. That is definitely not a common occurance for me that's for sure! I sipped on a little coffee and got the laundry started for the day and even still around 11:30 I wasn't really
Wired for Hunger by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven A post on the DANA Foundation blog, titled "Wired for Hunger," looks at obesity, how the body regulates hunger and satiety, and what happens when these systems malfunction. But that's not the real...
Hunger may trigger physical activity by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven tend to be more active as well. Excessive exercise is very common in people with eating disorders... and snacks (Stoffel and his snacks-are-bad schtick can go bite me), can help ED sufferers decrease excessive...
Banish Hunger with this Simple Choice by Total Health Breakthroughs Patient Expert of wild salmon. My hunger and cravings simply vanished (along with the spare tire around my belly.... And my excess body fat simply melted away. Within about eight weeks, I lost more than 20 pounds. I reached...
Eating, Hunger, and Growth by Matt M. Patient Expert I'm taking in more than I expend, but that this surplus should be driven by hunger.  This takes... voraciously because they are growing.  They require the excess calories to satisfy the requirements of growth...
Hunger, Obesity, and ‘Summit Fatigue’ by Carly K. Patient Expert by Meredith St John  The number of people afflicted by hunger worldwide is expected to surpass... held in Rome this week. In an effort to emphasize hunger statistics, the media often contrast...
Tell Your Hunger To Take A Walk! by Michael Nirenberg Walking suppresses appetite, so it's the dieter's best friend. Are you feeling those hunger..., but in some cases can even diminish your overall hunger while keeping you feeling full! The old wives tale...
Eating in the Absence of Hunger II by Matt M. Patient Expert seem to be working.  There has been focus lately on "eating in the absence of hunger".  For me, this all starts...-carb, or whatever, it seems fairly obvious that this excess food intake would lead to weight gain...

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Treatment ... ffects by looking at the relationship between your body fat and hunger. Fat produces a hormone called leptin, which makes you fe ... » Read on
Symptoms ... feeling very thirsty, producing excessive amounts of urine (going to the toilet a lot), ... » Read on