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Vitamin D and Endometrial Cancer by Mary Pougnet Patient Expert between ultraviolet light exposure and a reduced risk of endometrial cancer. Two previous investigations... incidence and mortality in 175 countries. In general, the incidence of endometrial cancer was highest...
Coffee may lower endometrial cancer risk by Andrea Patient Expert From China Daily ----- an article discussing the effect of drinking coffee on the incidence of endometrial cancer. I'm not a coffe drinker (but I know from emails that many of you are!) and I haven't...
Endometrial Cancer, Health Alert by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional Endometrial cancer often goes undetected, but affects about 40,000 women in the US every year. One... who might be at risk for endometrial cancer. So she enrolled in a research study. Read more here
Designing Women's Dixie Carter Died of Endometrial Cancer: What Women Need to Know by Andrea Patient Expert over the weekend. I ran into this article today on what women need to know about endometrial cancer-----it's... to be safe than sorry, endometrial cancer is curable if caught in the early stages.
Woman's Doc: Endometrial Cancer & Obesity by Andrea Patient Expert There have been a whole slew of articles in the last week or so on the connection between endometrial cancer and obesity---- this report from WBAL in Baltimore is short and to the point. One concern...
Global View Shows Link Between Endometrial Cancer and Vitamin D Status by Marie L. Patient Expert , specifically ultraviolet B (UVB), and endometrial cancer. UVB exposure triggers photosynthesis of vitamin D3... of endometrial cancer,” said Cedric F. Garland, Dr. P.H., professor of Family and Preventive Medicine in the UCSD...
Women Need Endometrial Cancer Awareness by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional Florence Arya, 57, visited her gynecologist in 2004 after spotting blood for two months. She had gone through menopause, and her periods had ceased six months before. Both her doctor, who gave her a Pap test, and her girl
Vitamin D helps prevent obesity-related endometrial cancer by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor - Obese women might reduce their increased risk of endometrial cancer if they take adequate vitamin D... supplemented diet developed endometrial cancer, while 67 percent of obese mice not treated with the vitamin...
Obesity Ups Risk of Endometrial Cancer by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor greater than 35—over 30 is considered obese—have nearly 22 times more risk of endometrial cancer. The study involved 421 women, ages 20 to 54, diagnosed with endometrial cancer and 3,159 randomly selected...
Internal Radiation Effectively Reduces Local Recurrence of Some Endometrial Cancers by of Some Endometrial Cancers Adapted from the NCI Cancer Bulletin, vol. 7/no. 5, March 9, 2010 ( see the current issue ). In a large, randomized clinical trial of women with high-intermediate risk endometrial...

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Introduction ... od. Most cancers of the uterus develop in the lining are called endometrial cancer. Cancer of the uterus can also be called uter ... » Read on
Causes It is not known what causes endometrial cancer, but there are a number of risk factors. Thos ... » Read on