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Ruth M. St. Louis, Missouri
Crystal California
What kind of pain are you in because of repeated patterns and scenarios in your life? Do... More
Holli Beaumont, Texas
I am mommy to one son, Austin, who was diagnosed with a catastrophic form of epilepsy known as... More
bathtubkitty California
I am a 31 year old obese female, looking to improve both emotional and physical health. I have... More
Elizabeth Pennsylvania
Stories of running for the rest of us Hi, I am Elizabeth. This blog is about running from... More

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Facial Expressions and emotions by Maddy M. Patient Expert pumpkin facial expression but he drew 30 plus a cover, all different. This is my favourite one, dizzy. This is a very particular triumph around here. Facial expressions and body language...
Loneliness happens when we stop expressing how we feel and lose emotional connections (The importance of self-care and safe peop by NML Patient Expert When we stop expressing how we feel, we lose, not only that all vital connection to ourselves, but we also end up feeling lonely due to a lack of emotional connection...
Emotion Labeling Software to Assist Autistic Patients Turns Into Facial Expression Algorithmic Program Wanted by Marketers to Ma by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven emotion in human expressions the way most people can, and el Kaliouby first sought to use emotion-labeling... emotions behind nuanced and fleeting facial expressions to maximize advertising and market research...
Expressing All Your Emotions by Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D. Patient Expert . If you are feeling any kind of emotion, an avenue for its expression needs to be found. But…the expression..., etc.). The point being, that as you express your emotions in this way, rather than by fighting, or arguing, or...
COPING WITH STRESS: Raising Awareness and Expressing Emotions by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor 3.1: The four best ways of coping with stress are: raising awareness; expressing emotions... facilitates expression of painful emotion and solving life-problems. [The moment one becomes aware...
Express your emotions in joyous, positiv by Mary Pougnet Patient Expert Express your emotions in joyous, positive ways and be grateful and blessed for life’s generosity and abundance. #MaryWoznyInspires
Expressing emotions by Danette Patient Expert a note to his brother expressing how he felt, not that Bitty would be able to read it (or care, let's be honest), but hoping that getting his emotions down on paper would help him work...
Emotional Competence Training – American Express Financial Advisors by Todd C. Patient Expert the rules for emotional expression in their workplaces. As a result of this activity, they are able... The Emotional Competence training program for managers has been under development...
Leaving Your Comfort Zone: Fear of Emotional Expression by Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D. Patient Expert World, so did man step on the moon, and so can you begin to express emotionally. ...! Who doesn’t know someone who seems to be afraid of showing their emotions; who may be very caring and giving...
Dr. Paul Ekman on emotional expression by Kathy J. Patient Expert on Emotional Expression. Source: Mental Health.Net ...

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Treatment Someone who self-injures is usually deeply distressed and needs understanding and support and sho ... » Read on
Complications ... people with aphasia to become depressed. This can be due to the emotional stress of living with aphasia. However, damage to cert ... » Read on