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Elimination Patterns

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Eliminate soda from your diet for healthier teeth. by Saundra G. Patient Expert Change a habit and stop drinking all sodas, including diet soda. Soda contains phosphoric acid that can make your teeth and bones soft. Dr. Robbin Quarterman, DMD, suggests that drinking soda may do as much damage as cigare
Judging ... A Noxious Habit We All Need To Eliminate by Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D. Patient Expert I was recently in Dubai, Oman, and Abu Dhabi. It was not my first visit to the Gulf, and as before, I enjoyed my time there enormously. Nevertheless, being faced with women wearing (mainly) black abayas on a frequent, if
Alexandra Carmichael Almost Eliminates Headaches by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy up to and surpassing mainstream healthcare. Alexandra’s story illustrates the pattern. In this case, personal science made progress (it eliminated most of her headaches), mainstream healthcare did not (it eliminated none...
I eliminated wheat . . . and I didn’t lose weight! by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor Elimination of wheat is a wonderfully effective way to lose weight. Because saying goodbye... eliminating this source of high blood sugar and high blood insulin and the 90-minutes cycles of highs and lows...
10 Negative Thinking Patterns to Avoid by Anastasiya Goers Patient Expert our habitual thinking patterns can be damaging to our own mental health, to our relationships, and even to others around us. These toxic thinking patterns are usually made up of thoughts that distort our realities, or what mental...
LDL pattern B by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor health "experts." Question: My VAP test results in July 07 identified an LDL Pattern B. Overall results: Total 150 HDL 75 LDL 61 Trig 60 HDL-2 17 LP(a) 6.0 LDL Pattern B Medications...
Improve Digestion, Absorption and Elimination of Your Food With This Easy Little Trick Most People Forget! by Tera W. Patient Expert . After filling out a questionnaire (from exercise and  sleep patterns to what I eat and how often I eliminate....  The state of my digestive system and elimination cycle shouldn’t be considered “my normal”.  I knew...
We Cannot Eliminate Risk by Kathryn H. Patient Expert , we can eliminate infant mortality.  She offers an analogy, what if physicians decided to eliminate all death from choking?  Anne writes (page 533): Suppose physicians everywhere suddenly decided to focus on eliminating...
Al-Anon; Self Esteem - Constructive vs Destructive Behavior Patterns by Joe M. Patient Expert . What if we could eliminate Judgement of Others and Comparison to Others from our lives? Try this. Work... yourself EARLY in the process and STOP IT, you can substitute it with another thought pattern. In fact...
Researchers Eliminate Tinnitus in Rat Study by MedNews Patient Expert have been able to eliminate tinnitus in a group of rats by stimulating a nerve in the neck while simultaneously... more frequently when it is quiet. According to Dr. Kilgard, it’s these changing brain patterns that produce...

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