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Elevated urea means your kidneys are not clearing enough urea and probably other toxins too from your blood. You should probably consult with a nephrologist to make sure the proper tests
Hmmm . . . I'm not sure.  T-protein refers to total protein.  Globulin is just one of many proteins.  Albumin is another.  Often times you'll see a calculated A:G ratio or albumin divided by globulin.  These all represent the
Acupuncture for High Blood Pressure by Marilyn Yohe, L.Ac., MAOM Licensed AcupuncturistHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine High blood pressure (also called hypertension) is a very common health concern.  In this country, 65 million people, or about 1/4 of Americans, are estimated to have high blood pressure...
Hallelujah: back home, monitoring elevated blood glucose by Donna Peach Patient Expert After a long day monitoring my blood glucose which came up 491 this morning for no good... was no, I had not. Apparently, steroids can cause a marked rise in blood sugar levels. Throughout the day...
Mom's Elevated Blood Sugar Puts Baby at Risk by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Regardless of whether a pregnant woman is diabetic, the higher her blood sugar the more at risk... between mothers’ blood sugar levels, big babies and first time C-sections. The results were recently announced...
Pregnant Women Beware: Elevated Blood Sugar Levels Raise Your Risk of Complications, Study Finds by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Moore gives you more info. Pregnant women with blood sugar counts that are elevated but not high... Note from Connie: Pregnant women, please take note: If your blood sugar levels are high...
What Should You do if your Primary Care, or Endocrinologist tell You that Your Blood Calcium is Elevated and you need Surgery to by Dr. Richard Guttler Medical Doctor diagnostic, as it looks similar to a thyroid adenoma, but the PTH washing will be very elevated in most cases... in the thyroid as well. Case Presentation46Y/O Female with high Calcium and Blood PTH has parathyroid disease...
MIA 2012: Levy P et al. Subclinical hypertensive heart disease in black patients with elevated blood pressure in an inner-city e by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Bottom Line In asymptomatic black patients who presented to the ED with elevated blood..., Flack JM, Welch R. Subclinical hypertensive heart disease in black patients with elevated blood...
Watch Senator Jim Bunning Block Medicare Fix for Doctors And COBRA Extension by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven below when he states:  Excuse me! This is a Senator's only elevator!" This man certainly seems to subscribe...
Treating High Blood Pressure Naturally by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Most heart patients already know high blood pressure can mean disaster for their heart health. But here’s what they don’t know. Having high blood pressure can also wreak havoc on your brain, kidneys...

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Why it is necessary Blood tests are carried out for a variety of reasons and can hel ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... outine medical check-up, or during tests related to having high blood pressure, feeling tired or being pregnant. If you already ... » Read on