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DrSharada Santa Fe, New Mexico
Sharada Hall is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and an Ayurvedic practitioner who offers a... More
Spirited Lady Living Coeur d Alene, Idaho
I suffered from and eating disorder for many years. My intention now is to become an eating... More
Sanjay Kapur California
Dr. Sanjay Kapur, Scientific Director at ZRT Laboratory in Beaverton, Oregon has strong... More
Rod1965 Los Angeles, California
Hello, my name is Rod Hoershim. I'm an independent health and wellness researcher specializing in... More
Dr. Noah Edvalson Boise, Idaho
Here at Boise Integrated Chiropractic, located in the Boise Spine Center, we are passionate... More

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Electrolyte Imbalance and Leg Cramps by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine muscles to cramp. Dehydration Causes Electrolyte Imbalance and Leg Cramps The loss of fluid... to avoid dehydration which can lead to electrolyte imbalance and leg cramps. It is important to note...
You Ask, I Answer: Electrolytes & Exercise by Andy B. Healthy Living Professional you specifically mentioned an electrolyte imbalance, I am going to guess you experienced mild hyponatremia. Hyponatremia... over to the clinic, where they decided that the problem is I don’t replace my electrolytes. I don’t like Gatorade...
SaltStick vs. sports drink for electrolyte replacement: which one is right for you? by Roman M. Patient Expert electrolytes lost through sweat. Anyone who has ever suffered an electrolyte imbalance on the run knows... from a gel like GU and attempt to replace sodium and other electrolytes with a sports drink...
Hormonal imbalance can cause a number of symptoms linked to depression such as sleep disturbances, irritability, loss of interest and sadness. It depends on the degree to which this interferes with daily life...
Dear Raiza, It is best that you see your physician to find out what your hormone imbalance is via testing. Only then can the proper medication be prescribed if needed. Good luck and let us know...
.. there are many- which includes of course a hormonal imbalance.  It could also be  an annovulatory cycle (meaning...
im having the exact same problem as you right now. also had the hangover then period the next day and ive had dizzy spells every day since. ive also been taking iron supplements in the past 3 days but it doesnt seem to have w
Increasing Your Electrolytes and Sodium Levels by Ben L. Naturopathic Doctor Increasing your Electrolytes and Sodium Levels Hello, I have been instructed by my doctor to increase both my sodium (I don’t eat a lot of processed foods), as well as my electrolytes...
Blood Work: Electrolytes by Lauren B. Patient Expert Electrolyte (acid-base) balance is measured as part of a comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP). Click on the image below for a larger version that you can print and use as a reference tool.
The Power of Electrolytes by Lucky V. Patient Expert Electrolytes may be the missing ingredient for a power workout. An electrolyte is any substance... for the human body. Sports drinks are a good source of electrolytes supporting a common problems for people...

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Complications ... d intravenously (through a drip into a vein). Electrolyte imbalance Diabetes insipidus can a ... » Read on
Complications ... normal, such as potassium, calcium and sodium. This is known as electrolyte imbalance. These minerals play an important part in ... » Read on